Urgent Message On LightWork ~

Greetings .

Angels Are Bombarding The Field With Information Regarding The False Light Workers = Cabals .

If One Steps Up For Mission Full Planetary Liberation, Serves For A Minute Then Falls Into Darkness, Oblivion, treachery, Deceit, Manipulation, Lies .. Etc .. It Doesn’t Mean That This Person Still In On Mission Or In Right Action!

A Light-Worker Is A Being Who Does The Work. Work On Self, Work On Others .. It’s Not A Title. Or Something One Is Entitled To.

Once One Knowingly And Consciously Falls Into Ignorance And Delinquency, Without Working On Correcting Themselves, But Simply Being Slaves To Their Lower Emotions, They Simply Are No Longer Lightworkers!

Being A Warrior Of The Light Is A 24 Hour A Day 7 Days A Week Eternity ! It’s A Personal Choice !

Whereby One Gives Up Everything ! All Earthly Attachments ! All Ego! All Desires, Lower-Emotions!

Have You Read Buddha’s Tale ?! He Was A KING Left His Castle And Family And Became An Enlightened Beggar ! Being The Buddha Is Not A Title.

It Is A State Of Being.

We Here Always And Still Take Calls For All On Their Journeys Of Self-Awareness, Self-Transcendence, Enlightenment ~ The Path Of Love