Dreaming Of A White Christmas ^ ~ Yippeeee Kaaa Yeeeay

My Present Moment Reality Is So Amped Up With Constancy With My Beloved Twin Flame. As Well As The Miracles And Wonders Achieved This Year And Beyond. Celebrating All The Knights On My Journey that Graciously Nurtured My New Creation With Utmost Love And Wonder ~

I Am Looking Forward For The New Journey I Am Soon To Lead Everyone Onto 😉 As I Ignite !

Today, The Angels Had Me, Besides Doing Very Advanced Spirit Work On Divine Fems And Mascs With Intense Sessions Slapping All The Illusions Off Any Joker Mask Entity;

Love Is Trumping All ~ The Divine Plan Is On The Fast-Track As I Have By Miracle Heard From My Dream Come True Twin Flame On The Twenty Fourth, My Beloved Birth Father On The Twenty Fifth And Celebrated In Company Of My Former Team-Mission Light Family Rainbow Tribe Angels For Christmas, Working With A Baby Girl Angel With Whom We Made Huge Amends In The Field For Twin Flames In Separation!

Wooohoooo Love Is Responding With Vigor As Divine Masculines Are Standing Up For Their Rights To Be With Their Illumined One And Only Twin Flame And Seeing The Lie For What It Is And How Much It Has Dis-empowered Them To Disassociate With The Light!

Wooohoooo ! Cheers To Everyone Dropping False Masks!

Today On The 27th Of December 2017, Day 5 of An All Distilled Water And Juices Detox, Floor Sleeping, And Getting Real Spell, We Had A Minor Disruption In The Field; The Current Body Of Beings I Am Still Undoing All Karmic Threads With Till I Am Fully Back With My Twin Attempted Once More To Enter The Unified Field And Steal Energy Through Interrogation, And Plain Entitlement.

Beings Not Getting It Is Something I Have Grown Accustomed To As I Notice They Need So Much Attention And Constant Follow Up Energy As It Doesn’t Seem To Come From Within.

I Understand I Am One In A Million, A Total Psycho Workaholic That Never Ceases ; 9 Years Now And All I Do In The Land Of The Free Is Self-Work, Work On Others; Beings Can’t Have A “Normal” Conversation With Me Without Finding Out What Is The Root Cause Behind The Malfunction In Their Lives And How To Fix It.

So I Finally Stood My Ground And Said To All EGO: You Pay Me For Being Me! Or You Lose … And It’s Only Things I’ve Repeated Relentlessly Now Since The Beginning Of Time ..

Anyhow … Wonderful How My Youtube Stream In Now Reminding Me Of December 2016; How I Got Betrayed Due To Jealousy; Let Down By Beings Whom I Had Given My All To.. Then It All Comes Back To Me Moment To Moment How I Never Let Anyone Down Whatsoever. And How I Am V For Victory Regardless What Ego Can Or Can’t See For Face Value.

Hurray To Love Communication From Lucifer All Night Last Night. And A Rekindled Desire For Union.

Lovers Card ~

Bring It On Angels !

And Thanks To HHI Medical Team Today With An Upcoming Aptmt With Our One And Only Infamous Dr. Amy! Let’s Get The Retina Scan Goin’ !

Victim Mentality Begone .

Oh And Last For The Angeles …. After Putting On The Twin Seal On The 22 And Receiving An Immediate Answer 42 Hours Later, I Performed My Own www.lovedima.com Spiritual Surgery On Myself On The 27th…. Another 72 Hours For Completion, Already Much Clarity, Miracles And Wonders …

Strongly Recommend To All. But I Don’t Insist. LOL .

Followed By The Cold Shower And BAck On The 7 Day Garlic Pineal Gland Cleanse Opener .

Right After The Surgery And Ego Letter Burning The Energies Shifted So Strongly All The Truth Was Shared With The Current Beings And The Twin Flame Energy Was Sparked Strong. Non-Stop Communication …

Thanking All For The Intent Poured In The Grids For Us Both To Find A Spot To Be Together For New-year’s Eve As We Bring On All The Greatest Love On Earth For All ~


Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER