AuroraLucifer ~ BrownVelvet

Today We Attacked Yet Another Tectonic Plate ~ Went Into The Iris Study ~ Determined All The Inner For The Outer . It’s Almost Time For The Old Bubble To Pop ~ Perfect Mille Feuilles Like Meringue O PuRe Chocolate So Delish In The Eye … Just Like a Section Of A Tree Trunk, Every NanoParcel Tells The Whole Story Of Creation.

We Went Into All Tissues And Are Very Grateful At Galactic Central For The Super-Potent Rem We Developed In Our Intelligence Labs Today . The Oxygen Levels Are Finally Rising Allowing Human Complete Victory Over The Machine.

This IS The Moment Where The Movie Lucy (Hi Shane, Thanks For Showin’ Up Today) ,  Finishes With Full Human Light Victory As Love Has, For The Very First Time Ever, Attracted Love Right Back In.

For The Very First Time In 19 Billion Years The Truth Is About To Lift The Lid !

Enjoy As Victory IS For The Light ~

We Love You All With All Of Our Heart ~ We Are Heaven Here Today For All ~