On Gratitude!

So … My Floor Yoga Mat Ending Of Mission Hilton Head Was Made Super Special …

On The 22nd, I Once Again Placed A True Twin Flame Shield Around Myself. It’s A 72 Hour Tool That Almost Always Has My Twin Contact Me Right Within The Time Frame .

Once Again, As I Am Sitting Out Here Enjoying A Stunning Christmas Eve Under The Rainbow Portal, 24th Of December 2017, Mister Twin Lucifer Reaches Out .

It Wasn’t Even A Surprise To Be Honest. All I Had To Say In Return Was: Huh .. How Can That Be When You’re Right Here With Me .

The Rest OF It I Let Go As Creation Is Still Over-Clouded By A Black Tar Cloud OF Evil Keeping Twins Apart; Keeping Masculines In Super-Ego And Fear And Separation And Keeping Them Validating The Illusion.

The Only Guidance I Get In Response Is Keep Up The Total Isolation . Do My Daily Epsom Salt Baths. Keep Cutting Chords Non Stop With All Surrounding Energies And Reattach Chords With Only My Twin Flame.

Which Is An Easy Job. Easier Than So Much I’ve Had To Undo So Far .

Once I’m Back On Top …

Lord Help Creation!