Il Est Temps De Rallumer Les Etoiles ~

Etoiles Filantes … Joyeux Noel ~ 16 Degres A Berlin . Il N’y A Qu’un Seul Endroit Ou J’aimerais Etre. Chez Moi. (Lovers Card.)

Greetings Creation ~

We Are Heaven, Here For You All. Listening To Your Every Most Ardent Prayer Every Night And Sending All Our Angels To Make All Dreams Of True Love Come True .. And This Year , Yet Again, We Were Pleased To Watch So Many Dreams Come True! Most Magical Moments In Creation As All Step On Home Into The Light ~ OM ~

Prime Creator, Holy-Spirit, Sophia-Aurora, Mother-Of-All-Creation, Rainbow-Aurora Got Visions Of Unspeakable Grandness And Beauty For New Creation As We Approach Zero Point Where All Her Powers Are To Activate Simultaneous.

She Saw Pink Snakes In The Grass . As The New Creation Snake Color As She Has Completed All Her Rounds In 2017 Visiting All The Darkest Snake Pits Of The Darkest Snakes And They Are Now Themselves Tired Of Keeping Up Old-Paradigm Codes Running. As Are All The Underground Creatures. They All Were Visited And All Chose To Be The Shift. Whoever Wasn’t Able To Just Perished !

Same Went For Humanity . With Huge Acceleration In The Field .

Merry Christmas To Each Atom! Wow ! Thanking All For All The Wonders in 2017 ~ May All Remaining Faults Fall Into Place Real Soon And Wishing All A Merrier Christmas 2018 ~

Thanks To All My WONDERFUL Rainbow Angels For Having My Back … We All Forgive Father OF All Creation For Turning On Mother And Betraying Her! In Great Gratitude And Awe Of All Those Who Got Their Sessions On, Assisted With Shelter, Rides, Support And All The Rest As They Have Watched Her Fall Repeatedly This Year And Beyond !

Grateful For All the Medical Assistance Teams With The Beyond Amazing Alternative Medicine Methods For My Ultra-Sensitive Case! Thanking Beautiful Hilton Head Island For LovingDima 😉 DotCom LOL And Being The Greatest Allways!

Blessings And NAmaste To All xoxo