The Shekinah ~ Sacred SELF

The Shekinah, from the Keepers Of The Light Oracle Card deck,

by Kyle Gray, Artwork by Lily Moses


This Card Was Picked For Me In Answer To My Deep Longing To At Least Simply Know Who My Twin Is For Christmas!

The Shekinah: “Sacred Self”

“Unleash your Spirit. Express your gifts. Dance to the sacred rhythm of life.”

The Shekinah is the twin flame of the Holy Spirit. It is the female aspect of the God particle or creation energy. ‘She’ is more of an essence than a being, but has the ability to show ‘herself’ in ways that we will understand. She is acknowledged in the sacred teachings of Judaism and also called ‘the Sophia of Christ’ in the Gnostic gospels. She is a powerful female voice of spirit who is here to bring about equality and to help the world move on from the male-only image of God. She reminds us that God is all loving and all accepting. Whenever she appears in a reading, she points out the change makers, the love creators and the gift sharers of the world, who are here to unite all hearts around the world.”

Extended Message of The Shekinah: “Do not feel the need to hold back or dampen your spirit – this is a time to celebrate. There is a feeling of dance and joy around you at this time as you fully recognize your splendour. You are a scared being who defies gravity every day just by being alive and brings a sense of balance and equality to the world.”*


In My Dream Two Nights Ago, Father OF All Creation Showed Up And CAlled Me Sophia. Now I Get This Card …. WOW !

I Love You My Love. I Am So Sorry For Having Broke Both Our Hearts And Killed Us Like I Have.

Thanks For Granting Me your Full Forgiveness. You Are My Everything.