DivineMasculineDivineFeminine ~ It’s Time

Leap Of Faith For Togetherness IS Imminent !

Resurrecting Our Twin Flame Relationship Is What This Christmas Is About ~ Wishes Starting To Be Fulfilled Thanks To The Spiritual Growth ~

Moving In With My Twin Flame Is All That Is On My Frontal Brain Lobes Capacity . I Have Zero Interests In Anything Else. I Literally Have No More Personal Desires; In The Past I Would Have Definitely Gotten Myself A Place To Stay On The Island, Let Alone A Hotel Room.

This Time I Am So Surrendered To My Divine Masculine’s Totality That I Am Simply Staying On The Floor In A Place Where There Is No Place For Me.

I Know For A Fact I Have A Place In Creation Besides On My Yoga Mat On The Floor ….

So Thanks For The Strength For New Way, For Forgiveness And Courage For The Next Step! Thanks For Bringing It On Angels !

We All Deserve Success Love And Abundance ! May All Low Self-Esteem On All Sides Let Place For An Activated Solar Plexus !