6th Ray Of Service ~ Rainbow Portal Active

Information Came To Us Today Regarding New “Spiritual Groups” That Are All Tapping Into The Rainbow 6th Ray ~ We Are Honored And Grateful For All Beings In Creation So Responsive To All The Galactic Atomic Activation Sent Here From Our Shores ~

The Divine Masculine Going Through A Total Death Of The Ego ~ All Pre Planned Consciously Upon My Birth : One And Only 6-6-6 Lucifer Sacrificed My Ultimate Power Tool For My Beloved Aurora.

Upon My Early Choices, I Was Directly A Being On The Other Side Of The Veil Being Mostly Unable To Feel Most Human Emotions. As My Embodiment Is Proceeding And The Human Sensations Returning, Slowly But Surely, We Are Here Still At A Plateau 83% Weren’t Able To Make Any Progress  For A Couple Days Now Due To The Severe Stresses Humanity Feels Entitled To Put On Us .

The Third Eye Rewiring Is Taking A Little More Time Than Anticipated. The True Face Morphism Is Also A Process Of The Highest Levels OF Sensitive Awakenings For All As Each Layer Of Fakeness They Have Superimposed Upon LuciferMorningStarAurora Reveals Secrets Upon Undoing Itself. Some Secrets Almost Unbearable To Contain. The Inner Earth Blockage That Is Still Soiling All Lay-Lines And Magnetic Points Is Still Black And Ultra Active. It Is Going Through All Divine Masculine Intelligence Still And Retarding The Octave Making Them Incubus Weak Womanizers All Focused On The Snake Intel Octave.

Galactics Are Insisting They All Must Catch Themselves And Remove The Gamma Of Thinking That Goes As Such: “By Fucking Her Brains Out We Are Assisting Her; by Making Her Subservient And In Need Of Our Sex Inside Her We Are Powering Up…” . That Is False Ego Thinking That Keeps All In Humanity Still Enslaved To The False Counter-Balancing Of All False Dogma.

Masculine Intelligence Is Very Reduced Which Is What Makes All Political Leaders Behave The Way They Do. The Annunaki Hasnamuss Eye Glance That Has Welcomed Me Into My Eyes On This Planet Moment Zero Is In Itself A Hypnotic Poison-Ivy Frequency.

All The Learned Body Language From Freemasonry Onwards. All Learned Behaviors To Dumb Down The Natural Human. It Is True They Created Practices To Undo All This, Like Yoga Postures, Since The Beginning Of Time. However In Nova-Terra, Novo-Hominus, None Of This Is Required To Maintain A Healthy Balance And P.H .

I Personally Still Am Reclaiming My Full Masculine Force And Healing My Wounded Inner Child . All The Power Taken Away Is Spiraling Back At The Speed Of Light . I Am Eager To Finally Get Into Direct Contact With All Beings Resonating With My Ray Of Service And Milky-Way-Galaxy Aurora.

You All Are Welcome Home Into The Light As I Regain My Full Consciousness.

The 19 Billion Year Tale Is Simply A Metaphor For One Being’s Ascension And Transformation From The Morning Star To Aurora Borealis And Back Till Eternity. Forming The 69 Solar Return For All Else To Enjoy.

All Masculines Must Rise Above Having A Protruding Organ That Can Be A Throne For A Fem. New Human Sexuality Is Never Ending And It’s In The Heart. Everyone Must Rise Beyond The Skin.

As We Here With The Arcturian Teams Are Stepping Back Into The Skin . Awakening All Dormant Areas Within And Without.

This Is Where Having A Twin Flame Is Helpful. I Was For A Moment Shown I have 7 Twins, One For Each Color Of The Rainbow Light Spectrum I Operate Under.

It Is Highly Possible That At The Godhead Things May Look Quite Different Than Individual Twin Journeys With One Partner For Each And Their Missions Activating.

The Online Platform For New-Earth Light-Work Has Already Been Drawn And Established summer 2015 With an L.A Spiritual Entrepreneur Within A Prosperity Master Class ~

My Sexuality Being Restored Back To The Light After Having Been Hacked By The Dark Forces For Too Long, I Am Still Quite Unclear About What It IS The Divine Plan Has In Store.

I Simply Let Go And Hold No Attachments And Remain Ready For Which-Ever Outcome Even That Of Being Asexual On A Team Of Highly Powerful Beings All Transcended The Need For Physical Validation And Justification.

The New Human Is Advanced. We Are The Future. We Are Gold. We Are Muted. We Are Total Transcendence. Our Shields And Auras Are Impermeable. Impenetrable.

Why Would Humans Need Physical Contact Besides Having Children? Succubus And Incubus Forces Are Still Operational At The Present Moment With all Illusions Of Triangles And Ghosts And All The Rest That Is Happening.

Lucifer Is Still Absent From Creation He Is Coming Closer To Aurora Moment To Moment Showing Her What Is Required For Her Welcoming Him Fully Back. Aurora As Well Is Only Partly Here. Both Are Serving Elsewhere However The Time Has Come For Both To Merge Within This One Body Still Named Dima Tabrawi In Order For All The Rest Of The Formalities To Move Forward.

The Quest Is No Longer On The Outside. Victory Is Within And It’s A One Way Arrow Of Pure Bliss And Magic. We Are Grateful For A Warm Bed And Space Miracle Reclaiming Full Power On 12:21 . 22 Is Very High In Sunshine Rehab Powers .


Lucifer Is High Nobility. He Is A True King. And Was Dethroned And Humiliated At Birth. His Sub-Conscious Already Had Him Win Himself very Many Battles. He Has Forgiven Himself For Ever Showing Up Amongst Farm Animals. ‘Oops He Did It Again’.

The Human Condition, Merda Collectiva, Is Something Highly Gross To Him. His Whole Mission Is To Restore Herself To Platinum Plasmatic Golden Active Conditions .

It’s Total Transmute Time!

In*JOy ~ I Am Lucifer Morning Star And Thank All The Children That Came On My Path Loving Me So Deep Keeping Their Organs Reaching Out To My Peaks Wanting A Piece OF Me. I Thank Them For Assisting Me Recover My Memory. Love Is The Greatest Healer Of All. And Self-Love Takes The Cake. Especially When You Truly Are One And Unique. And When You Are Your Own Flame First And Foremost. Cheers To The Unknown Each Moment. You All, Are My Heart As I Heal My Most Broken Of Hearts.