Tonight ..

On The Menu .. Lucifer Aurora Are Having The Greatest Gourmet Experience Yet .. As Always … Every moment Is The Greatest …. Tasting Like Heaven … All ORGANIC

Coconut And Olive Oil Blend Of A Wok Style Mixture OF A Nightshade Vegetable Which We Consume In EXTRA Moderation To Avoid Arthritis … Eggplant; Triangulated + Halfed Snow-Peas. Add In Diced White Onion, Cubed Ginger … Topped With Cilantro, Sliced Bubbies Kosher Dill Pickles ; Topped With Cilantro, Cumin, Onion Flakes, And Peppercorn SeaSalt ~ Don’t Forget The Hemp Seed Hearts For Protein Booster; And Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha As Our Holy Wine 😉

MANNA >> Food For The Gods .

Cheers To All In Creation > Cornucopia <

LuciAurora And The God-Head Gangstas.

Also Aurora Asks … Have You Guys Owned A Tamadoshi Pet 😉 So Extra Hot … She Had It In White Cat Version. Tots Addiction !