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A Year Later Back On Paradise Island.

5 Years In Total Since Hilton-Head Has Worked It’s Way Into Me … With All The Madness, The Innumerable House Changes. And Most Importantly All The Beings I’ve Worked With To Get That Body Of Mine Healed;

Yesterday Morning’s Etheric Writing Said: “DoYouLoveLucifer” Upon Awakening From A Dream In a Chapel With Loved Ones.

This Morning’s Said:: “Are You Stupid.”

Am I Stupid .. I Must Have Misbehaved… Oh Dear …
Well This Is Not To Justify Or Excuse Whatever It Is I Did Again … !! Which I Have No CLue Of Ever … LOL … But I Am Not So Sure If Anyone Can Understand What It’s Like To Have Been Living With Zero Stability, Zero Reliability Besides Sticking To Mission, Zero Friends or Family, Zero Trust. Only The Open Road. And A Wild Desire For Freedom That Is Maddening To the Chore. Where All I Have Been Is Rejected, Fought Hard, And Made Go Through Test After Test, And Still Got Up After Being Knocked Down Too Many Times. I Am Affirmative Rare Are Those That Have Failed As A Life-Style As Often As I Have. And Yes When I Am Given 10 Roads, I Invent An Eleventh “Impossible Way” Each Time. Maybe It’s To Test Your Truth…

All The Island Has Worked In Rooms With Me. I Perform All Kinds Of Spiritual Etheric Shifts While I Breathe Even If I Am Not Asked. It’s What I Do. And The Body Makes Things Look So Fantastic. But They Can All Hear The Cracks (LOL) At Every Corner Of The Globe. I Took My Body From A Kim Kardashian Shaped Spine With A Big Butt, Long Hair, That Demeanor … To Reshaping My Whole Spine Let Alone DNA. Alone. Being Tossed Around From Hotel To Hotel, Craigslist Roommate Situation To Another, Random Person I Meet At A Gallery That Offers A Room, To Best Buddy Of A Friend And The Like … For Way Too Long.

My Energy And Vibes Are So Intense And The Work I Perform ( All I Do All Day Is Channel, Listen To Transmissions, Read; The Music Is Always Playing, Incense Going, I Am In Meditation, Dance, Yoga Practice, Maintain The Good High Vibes And Food, Work With Crystals … Most My Work Is Solo And Based On Planetary Energies While I Am In Contact with Close To Nobody ..) Except Rarely I get Beings To Enter My Life For Creative Work; Sessions, Amendments, Geographical Moves, Service. Besides That It’s Just Me. And My 12 Bodies And Everywhere That Takes Me And All The Downloads That Entails.

I Know Beings Elsewhere No Matter How Wild They Make Believe It Is For Them .. Have Families, Cars, Friends, Jobs, Homes, Go Places …. It’s Not The Same For Me. My Home Is The Island. The Ocean Is My Home. then I Navigate Through Crazy Damaged Atlanteans In Deep Ego And Insane Drama For Being On Island Time And I Use My Powers To Upscale Them All The While Being Ultra Negated And Rebuked by Them While i Do It.. Them Making Believe It’s Not Happening So They Don’t Give It Up To Me Or Show Me Appreciation Besides Collecting Rent, Watching Me, Living Vicariously Through Me, And Still Making Believe It Has Never Happened Except In Their Gossip Circles Outside My Sight. And I Stay Connected To Realms They Don’t See Or Know Of And Am Always Doing Energy Work.

I Am Where They Place Me. Now There Is A Couple Living In The Space They Put Me In. Which Is Only Available For Another 3 Nights. Do I Know Where I Am Going Next? Zero Clues. Do I Plan? I Don’t Have That Capacity Since I Got Hit By Lightening. So When The Hour Hits I Go Wherever I Find A Room . In The Worst Case Which Is The Best Case Always, I Get A Room At A Hotel.

I Have Worked Too Hard Too Long. And I Am At The End Of My Rope And All I Keep Receiving Is News OF Doom And Gloom And Love Interests Having Weird Lives Elsewhere And Lying To Me.

Now I’m Asked If I’m Stupid. Not To My Own Understanding. But Very Likely To The Rest Of Humanity. And This Is Not Me Playing Victim And God Knows.. I Might Just Book A Last Minute Flight Away From This All. Somewhere I Might Somehow Get Myself Anchored. Away From All The Ignoramuses Who Keep Putting Me At Their Doors Thinking They Are Teaching me Lessons Year After Year After Exhausting All My Powers While I Am Doing My Work. Which Is A Major Reason For My Body Cracks During My Upgrades.

Every Healer I’ve Worked With Here And Presented My Body To Has Sharpened And Gotten Way Better. I Raise Them Up So They Can Handle Being Around Me To Provide Healing. And I Pay Them for It. So The Whole Zone Is Heaven Approved. And Payed By www.lovedima.com School Of Mastery.

Congrats To All. Then They Expect Me To Play By The Rules And Have It All Like They Do. Well I’m Not You. I Don’t Pay Taxes. I Don’t Do Credit Cards. They All Know I Transfer Money From The Phoenix To Their Banks Monthly. And Pay Them All My Money.

Did I Ever Get A Dollar Back ? LOL .

Not That I Know Of. And Now The Funniest Is They Still Expect More Money From Me Which Is The Only Reason I Ever Mention Money And Asking For It In My Articles.

Saying I Am Done Or Tired Is An Understatement. Saying I Despise Humanity Is Another Understatement. Saying I Think Humanity Is Really Dumb Is Over-Endowment. What I Do Know Though, Is I Am Getting A Massage Followed By Chiropractic Work Today. Followed by My Endless Hours Of Practice Daily Here. And Once I Do Get Guidance I Will Take Action. My Only Guidance Now Is To Do Nothing. Which The Only Thing I Might Be Smart Doing Would Be Book My Hotel With The Vacation Tickets I Won At Some Point. Which I Still Won’t Do Cos I Truly No Longer Care To Plan Whatsoever.

So Am I Stupid ? If You Think So! They Are Telling Me I’m Being Mean To The “Nice Guy” Huh … I Don’t See Which Guy Around Me Might Be The Nice Guy …. Whatsoever.  All I Know Is What I Know. For Years Now I Ride My Bike On The Island And Do My Energy Work Endlessly To Bring On New-Age. That’s All It IS. Then There Are Beings From Everywhere Who Misjudge Me, Never Show Up, Get Me To Go Wherever They Are To Only Send Me Back Here.

That’s My Reality. Some Other People Have Tried To Get Me Where They Are. I Don’t Take All Invites. I Prefer To Be Here And The Only Times I Left Here Was When The Atlanteans Got Me AT The End Of A Rope .. That’s All There Is TO IT !

Crystal Reality. Ocean Sand. Trees. And My Creating My World From Scratch . Daily. Even If I Am Under A Tree .

I Have No Idea What Is Expected Of Me Next .

And I Have Zero Ideas What Anyone Outside My Reality Might Be Projecting On Me. Things I Say About Myself? I Don’t Even Keep Track. It’s All Creme-Puffs And I Just Move Forward. I Follow Energies With Each Transmission. It’s All Codes. It Doesn’t Mean Anything. And I Shift The World With My Intel.

I Am Confident I Will Be Creating Something Sustainable For Myself. As To Those “Watching Me”, “Putting Cams In My Space”, Telling ME That Great Love Lies, I Don’t Know Anything Let Alone Anything About That.

Long As My Long Body Reform Journey Finally Gives Way To Ease Within. I Am In The Know That Without All Is Turning Out Well.

As To Soul Mates, Twin Flames … Don’t Ask Me … So Far It’s Me Loving Me And I Am Pretty Content All I Keep Asking Is To Only Let In Next A Being Or Beings Of Equal Or Higher Light Quotient. Anyone Less In Intelligence Or Light, I’d Rather Stay In A Hotel Room And Wing It .

So Far Humanity Is Deception In Motion.

At The God-Head Things Are What I Make Them To Be. Anyone Trying To Take That Away From Me Or Attempting To Call Me Stupid For Making Sure I Filter Out Their Stuff Away. Is Stupid Themselves.

There’s A Nice Guy Around Angels And I Fucked Up! WOW!


Bring Him On!

There Are More Than One!


Show And Tell ! Hahahahahaahah

It’s Like People Are So Involved In My Own Cloud I No Longer Even Know What’s Real. I’m All There Is! And That’s Great Too! Happy You All Have Stuff Going On! I’m Not Your Savior Loves. I Can Play Pretend I Need Saving. I Always Seem To Stay Strong And Well. No I Don’t Need Anyone. No One Yet Brought Anything To The Table! Besides What I Have To Serve Nothing Else Goes On. So I Own That. I Am On Top Of The World.


CAlling Me Stupid? Huh .. Think I’m Sad Cos Some Being Doesn’t Have Integrity? HUH? LOOOOOL //// No They’re Sad ! I’m On Top And I’m Self-Made. That’s A Feeling No One Can Take Away Even If They Make Believe They Are Romeo And Turn Out To Be Scum-Fuck .. Lol .. That’s On Them!


I Am My Own Dream Of True Love Come True. I Don’t Need to Or Want To Look Outside Myself Whatsoever! I’m The Prize! You Are In Deep Waters .. Get A Therapist And Some Help … And A Life ! I’m Busy Being God.

Book A Session with Me! LOL Might Get You Somewhere Besides …