Hearts in Atlantis ~

I Know The CIA Forbids Us All To Watch TV Whatsoever … However I Come From A Hollywood “Work” Lineage .. And They Had Me Watch All The LIST Of The Work Movies Before Putting Me To A Strict Vegan Diet And Having Me Do The Work. Which I Excelled At No Questions, And Beat The Heck Out OF Them All LOL No Doubt …

So The Above Is One Of The Work Movies ! Just Teaches You The Stages One Goes Through. ONE STORY PICTURES MFKS . Same Old Under The Sun.

Until We Flip The Switch. And That’s Precisely Why They Brought Me Here.

So This Whole CIA FBI Stuff With Agents On My Path Filming Me On My Bike Coming After Me In Stores Buying The Same Item As Me Times One Hundred… Don’t Ask … LOL . I Don’t Know What The Fuck Whatsoever. Then Making Assumptions With Their Messenger Birds The Tarot People And YouTube While No One Ever Calls>! Don’t Ask!

Absurd To Say The Least . Power Games … LOL . Nothing To Do With Nova-Gaia. Just A Bunch Of Wanna bees On Chat Rooms Making Believe They Are Co-Creators .. Um > HUH

Proof Is In The Puddin’ Babies . I Live It Moment To moment, I Circulate As A Living Embodiment OF The Greatest Love OF All ..

I Grew Up Alone In A Bedroom Which I Fought For, To Get Out Of Sharing A Room With My Brother . My Room Is My World. Since Young All I Do Is Raise Vibes And Energies Through Music, Love, Laughter, Art, Jewelry Making, Pets { fish, love birds, parrot, sharks, hamsters, dog, rabbit, turtle, duck, chicks… } ((Video Games At Some Point Where I Was A Total Freak And Knew All The Secret Pass Codes To Get Secret Weapons And Stuff ..) .. And Mostly The Internet Which I Was The Hugest Freak Of Moment Minus Zero. Order, Beauty, Cleanliness, Clothes Design, Feng Shui .. Then People Came In And Out To Mostly Take And As I Get Rid OF Their Toxicity I Finally Can Create My World Version Tea-Cup Amplified LOL .

My Former Husband Would Yell Loud Saying He AIN’T PART OF MY TEA-CUP Reality .. LOL .

So It’s All Well. I Daily Transmute Your Youtube Energies LOL You Guys Communicating With Me Through Super-Hero Cartoons Is Sweet … If I Were Complete Without All These Machinations Of Moving Around And Had A Base I Would Be Busy …. Creating!

Besides That, My Photos Having been Deleted * They Did Pay A High Price, Never High Enough.. Those Fuckers . * Even My Apps Deleted .. So Stupid . Now I Can’t Go Home To My Magic Mac Guy And Good Luck Finding One Around Here, I Worked With One A Few Years Back And I’m so High In Intel And Vibes The Guy Had to Have A Lethal Accident And Break His Back After Sitting With ME And My Mac 5 Minutes. This Fucking Shit Is So Stupid . Beyond.

Also Last But Not Least. I Notice All The Chicks That Have Relationships Spend 60% Of Their Time Checking the Guy’s Phone And Sneaking Up On him Making Sure He Is Being In Line. One Of The Major Causes Why I Don’t Last In Relationships Is Because I Have Zero Interests In Behaving This Way. Most Of The Time I Know When They Are Talking To Other Fems But I Just Don’t Go There. I Leave. To Me If A Guy Does These Things I’m Better Off Alone. I Ain’t Your Mama.

Being Mother OF Creation Doesn’t Make Me Dumb Like That.

I’m Here To Redress The Rest. Now Bow To Illusion And Your Retard Asses.


At Some Point Growing Up And After My First Love Deception, I Understood Quick That One Guy To Satisfy All My Needs Was Something Almost Non Attainable. So I Had Many On My Repertoire : One To Call When I Want To Watch A Movie, One When I Need A Study Buddy, One For Parties, One For Love Making, One For Dining, One For Travel Purposes .. Etc .. Was Pretty Smart And They didn’t Know About Each Other Nor Did My Girls Know Anything Whatsoever About My Worlds.


Tada. Alright. Happy Day To All. Sending You Compassion And Love. You All Amaze Me. You Have No Idea What It Was Like Growing Up As A Missionary From Another Planet Going Through Astral Travels With My Fam And All The Rest: The Speeding Me Up, Changing My Whole Structure To Bring On The Future … So I Know Nothing About You All And Your Placid Rhythm. And I Say It Like It IS.

Wanna Call Me Stupid. My Gift To You All Is A Mirror For Christmas. Let’s Not Go To How I Feel About This In Return.