Snap Crackle N Pop ~~~


You Guuuyz!

The Angels Are Fuckin’ With Me BAD Tonight!

They Are Teasing Me, Laughing Under Sheets Giving Me Smart-Ass Glances ..

They Say It Is Part Of The Divine Plan For Me To Have A Dementia Like Symptom When It Comes To My True Twin …. They Say It’s A Trick And Seem Far Too Amused!

All The Twins In Creation Know Who They Are Except For Me As They Say I Still Have A Few Issues To Resolve First .. ?! They Reassure Me There IS No Way My Twin And I Are Not Ending Up Together And They Just Laugh. Some Cute Younger Angels Are Sneaking At Me With Curiosity ..


Reminder For All .. There Are Beings Inside The Twin Flame Circle That Are NOT Part OF IT !

Beware Loves .. And They Are The Ones Bringing Chaos Onto The Shores … Not Everyone Is Born With A Twin In The Physical This Lifetime …

Not Sure About The Masculines At This Point And The Whole Karmic Situation .. Not To Confuse With Beings Who Are Simply NOT On A Twin Journey And Who Are Mixing It All Up !

It’s Almost A Joke At This Point .. And The Angels Are Cracking Up!

Not Funny Angels!