Can You Feel .. The Love Tonight ?!

Had Me Get Right Out Of Bed .. Look In The Mirror In Disbelief .. It’s Just Me And I’ve Worked So Hard All The Way …

I Met My ALL TIME FAVORITE People On Earth. I Am Insanely Driven By My Love For Them, For All In Creation Meaning Me ! I Am My Own Dream Of Beyond True Love !

I Feel So Grateful And Blessed! I Can Hear All The Echoes From Phoenix Of All My Classmates Laughing Mad At What I’ve Made Of Myself. How Strongly I Stand And Represent. And As I Told David EVERYDAY: ” My People Won’t Let Me Down ” ….

I Still Stand Firm On That One … Not A Chance On Earth.. Last Year As I Gave A Super Successful Session To A Lebanese Environmentalist, All the Way From Shasta, With Archangel Michael, After We Hung Up I Saw Visions Of All Of Beirut Airport Decorated With Balloons And Huge Celebrations Upon My Long Awaited Arrival … I Was Then Hugging AAM And Crying With Joy! One Of The Most Elated Moments In Creation ! I Know You All Can Feel My Love, IT’s Our Driving Force. I Only Know Love And I Live For It, Take The Maddest Chances And Am Totally Blinded By It.

The Love I’ve Known Is Beyond Measure. Beyond Belief. I’ve Met The Greatest Beings. Hidden Gems. Treasures. My Heart Leads Me There. And In The Interim I Just Sit Still Make Magic Until I Meet Them Again, Or New Ones … Each Time, All That Really Happens Is Me Meeting ME More …

I Am Grateful To Be A Walking, Breathing, Living Miracle. Like An Artifact. All Self-Created. I Just Blow Things Right Out Of Proportion And Never Stop Till I Get IT Done.

In 2010 When I Got Arrested For Over-Staying My Visit Visa, They Had Me Hand-Cuffed And Body Chained In The Car, Thinking I Might Be Some Psycho Bitch Criminal. All I Did The Whole 3 Hour Ride Was Tell My Parole Officers All About New Creation And Dreams Of True Love Coming True… They Were In Total Disbelief And Asked Me If I Had Watched The Avatar. Said I Am The Avatar …


Jail Was Sort OF Fun, They Have You Choose PBJ Or Whatever Snack, Have You Wear The Orange Suit Then Personally Took Me 100 Floors Under-Ground With The Total Nutsoes. Insanity In The Making, Singing All Night, Beings Exchanging Food Items Through The Jail Bars, Like Exchanging The Apple Juice For Toast … All Night Non Stop Loud Voices And Singing …. I Am So Grateful It Was Just One Night As My Whole Nervous System Was Going BERZERK …

At That Point I Was More Set Than Ever On Making New Creation Happen. The Underground Realm Is A Whole Nother Reality …. Then You Hear The Commanders Downstairs Yell Their Lungs Out In Training At Other Officers. And I’m Standing There in A Small Cell Waiting For My Verdict On When I’m Being Released Staring Out Through A Tiny Rectangle.. Holding The Walls And Cracking Every Bone …. In Super Disbelief At The Mind-Control And Dis-Humanisation Going On …

Glad I Knew About Ho’oponopono Practice By Then And Performed It Moment To Moment And Then Onwards Non Stop Daily Walking The Ocean To Free All Sentient Beings …

There Is Nothing I Would Not Do For Full Planetary Liberation ….

I Am So Humbled For Being The Luckiest Woman In Creation.

And I Won’t Let Creation Down.

Lovingly Yours,

Mother Of All Creation .

Ps: The Below Track Came Out The Week I Left Prison … Coincidence Anyone ? 😉 LOL !!!Get It Yet ? Got It? Now Get Going! What Are You Going To Do About It?

How Are You Standing Up For Truth? How Are You Honoring Archea Rainbow Aurora!