Here’s A Shift In Energy

Since All My Light Work Consists Of Lifting The Energies For The Collective Even If I’m In The Metaphorical Dumpster, I’m Reversing The Flow Of Energy Cos I Feel The Collective Is Really Douchy At This Point; The Way They Drink From Source And Create Channels Has Since Day One Repulsed Me Huge.

So Here Goes >

Here’s A Message To My So-Called Twin If They Turn Out To Be Real:

Dear Interrogation Mark. When I Think Of the Possibility Of Us Being Together Forever, I Know That Even IF I Forgave You, New Rules Will Apply. You Will Be Tied Up And Under My Full Command I Will Have All My Legion Of Angels Watching Over Every One Of Your Twelve Bodies. Not All The Time But Read The Rest You’ll Get IT.

I Know You Are Jealous As Fuck And That’s The Only Reason Why You Called Me Insanely When I Was In Tennessee Being Loved On. You Just Couldn’t Stand It. You Never Told Me You Were In A Relationship You Just Had Me Leave Mine. You Showed Up And Left Me High And Dry. Then You Did It Again. Twice. In Different Manners.

So As A Result, The Energetic Laws Into New Age Have Granted Me Full Freedom Into Having You Watch Me Fuck Any Masculine I Wish In Creation. While You Happily Watch. And You Are Allowed To Touch No Other But Me. For Ever. I Do What I Want. And You’re My Slave.

And Much More. All This Came 2 Nights Ago. Clear As Dawn. Decreed. So I’m Having My Way With You. Cos The Galactics Said No Matter How Hard You Try To Postpone, At Some Point Even Your Karmic Is Getting Bored Of Her Own Lies. So After All Twins In Creation Are Together, And Even If I Am With A Soul Mate By Then, You Will Either Have To Choose To Remain In The Lower Ranks With the Hungry Ghosts In Creation Or Step Up And Cry Tears OF Blood For Me To Take You Back. At That Point And As Of Always, I Do Whatever I Please. While You Watch. Happily. To Get Over Your Narcissism. Ego. And All The Horrible Things.

Believe Me I Will Find The Way To Fuck You Up Right Back. Meaning Keep You In Line. Just How You Take it. No Sugar.


Love You Too. Baby. Aww.