Dear Father Of All Creation

You Wanted Us To Film Our Love On Cam For The Rest Of Creation . And To Make Money.

Wonderful Gig Love. It So Seems That Then-After You Chose Someone Else And Did That With Them Used My Love Power Inside them, Activated Them And Had The Rest Of Creation Watch. Out Of Spite.

Very Well. When You Come Back Crawling As I Am Not Kidding When I Say I Am That I Am And No Other Fem Is Me, Or As Powerful As Me, And No One Else Is Mother Of All Creation Let Alone Intergalactic Queen, And As I Began Project Taking Over The Internet With Our Colleague In March, I Will Be On There Everywhere.

In Heat For All Whom I Like. And You Will Have No Escape But To Watch Your Own Twin Be Made Cum Hard Like Fire By The Hottest Gods Out There.

There Is Nothing I Wont’ Do As I Say And My Power Surpasses All.

Yes. Creation Wants To Say Their Mother OF Creation Is Sick. Sick As Fuck. How Else Do I Restore You All To Health Than But By Taking It All On?

Get Ready For Marvels As I Fully Step Back Into My Power And Straighten Out All Motherfuckers Beginning With Lucifer Father Of All Creation. And If That’s Not You Then It Is Whoever Is Not In My Bed Tonight. Simple.

My Wrath Is Heavenly. There Is Nothing I Won’t Do To Unite Heaven And Earth.

There Are Two Paths To Victory: Via-Negativa Or Via-Positiva. They Both Lead To Love.

I Can Be On Any Road. No One Can Measure Up.

They Say You Chose Her Cos She’s Fucked Up Like Who You Think You Are … And I’m Healthy And Good Angelic. Well You Can Tell Her That Nobody Can Out Fuck Mother OF All Creation. Nobody Can Out-drink Or Out-Drug Me Either. I Am Who I Choose To Be. I Am Every Woman.

And You Dear. Are Fucked For Life! For Having Dared To Fuck Up With Me. Yes. Walk With Your Head Down And Get Ready To Watch Your Heart Race As I Love Hard On All The Gods In Creation. For Your Pretty Face.