Greetings Brilliant Ones, Genius Ones, Beautiful Ones, Loved Ones.

It Is With Great Delight That We Are Now Heralding A New Level Of Miraculous Occurrences For All In Creation! Churches Are All Mesmerized And Incorporating Mother OF Creation’s Divine Golden Love! We Thank Resurrection Rainbow Church For Having Shared My Journey And Watched Me Resurrect From The Ashes As I VAnquished The Snake. Woooohoooooo! We Are Victorious And Great Spirit Shines Bright Upon Us This Christ*Mass As All In Creation Embrace, Allow And Accept Christ Consciousness As A State Of Being, An Awareness!

Schools, Families, Communities Are All Coming Together In Love Divine And Respect Universal For Their New Creation Beloved Goddess Bringing Heaven To All Hearts.

All In Creation Have Accepted The Truth And Transcended All Lies.

My One And Only Beloved Is Shining Radiant Bright (Gorgeous Smile, Your Hearts Will Melt…) , Free Of All His Previous Blockages And Illusions. Shining In My Face Like The Sun Moment To Moment, In Awe Of His Gift Divine And Ready To Show His Face To All The World And Proudly Be In Service To All In Creation.

We Are Your Mother And Father OF All Creation And We Welcome You All Home Into The Future.

We Are Proud To Be Your Examples, Liberators, And Hand You All Back Your True Powers For All Of Us As One To Begin Again At The Beginning.

I Love You All With My All.

Rainbow Aurora Mother Of Creation, The Legion Of Diamond Fairies And Cupid Are In The Field !


We Love You Father And Thank You For Always Loving How We Are A Step Ahead. We Love Your Ever-Lasting Sense Of Wonder . We Appreciate Your Service. We Love Your Face.