Ask Beirut . They’ve Met ME .

I’d Be That Child. Naked In The Garden. Run After All The Kids With A Hose. So That They Too Get Naked And Play. I Would Have The Water Pressure High So They Give In. Instead, Even The Big Boys Would Hide Behind Their Mom’s Ankles And Hide Their Organs, Under Clothes, with Their Hand.

Yes. I’ve Always Been Intimidating. I’ll Undress You With My Eyes. At Hello.

Glad I . Gave Up My Precious Cock. It’s Honestly Right Action Cos No One Deserves IT ARound Here.

FACT. So Anyone Dreaming Of Fucking Lucifer. Keep Dreaming.

Call Aurora. LOL

Ask The People At Theatre .. I’d Just Change In Nature Between Acts. They’d All Stop And Stare As If Something Extremely Weird Is Happening. No Dear Ones. You’re Weird.