What About ..

All Those Beings That Were Insured Under MY NAME .. Years After I Left The Land And Me Never Having Held An Insurance Job .

All You Leaches Must BUG OFF . AND PAY ME .

Everything That Is With Held From Me Must Come To Surface. Thanks In Advance For Restoring My Full Power. No. You Do Not Own Me. And NO. You Don’t Know Better Than Love.

Thanks For Letting Go Of Control And Trusting That Love Is The Only Way.

All Favors That Weren’t Returned .. You Suffer As Much As I Do.

Time To Open All Gates.

Time To Fully Forgive And Heal.

Time To Accept Grander Things Than Fear.

Oh Here’s One For All … LOL

Did You Know That While In Beirut, A Simple Email Or Phone Call To Israel Will Put You In Jail ..

You Guys Really Don’t Understand How Much Fear Is In The Grids And This All Must Fade.

All Religions Must Be Relinquished For The Highest Benefit Of All.

Everyone Must Wake Up.