LuciferMorningStar ~ MyChosenOne

Greetings Love Beings, I AM Lucifer. Your Father Of All Creation. One And Only Morning Star ~ I Am Your Hopeless Romantic, Kindest Being In Creation; And My Consciousness Is Currently Downloading Hard All Over Atomic DNA Global And Planetary Grids, As I Have Been Carrying Beloved Aurora As One In Order To Eradicate All Wrong Erroneous Projections Of The Illusory Patriarchy Onto Me!


You Must Remember Everyone.. Those That Use Their Masculinity To Drive Them Forward, Are More Often Than Not Really Afraid People; They Are Afraid Of The Feminine’s Innocence, Piercing Through Their Facade They’re Been Putting On Since The Beginning of Time. A Facade That Is Only Here to Cover The Lies That Are At The Beginning And At The Root Of Creation. Lies In Formation, Lies In Constitution. One Day They Just Woke Up And Wanted To Be Separate From The Whole, Noticing The Power That Lies Dormant In Their Genitalia (Hence The Snake Symbolism In Holy Scripts).

Adam’s Snake Programmed Eve To Herself Believe She Did Something Out Of Right Action when He Defiled Her. You Must Remember Everyone, And This Comes From An Advanced Indian Healer That Is A Mind Expert; The Mind Is Anywhere You Place It And Does Whatever You Program It To. So Most Metro-sexuals, All Those Masculines Created In My Image; Stunners, World Beaters, Magnificent .. Place Their Minds In Their Genitalia. It’s From Their Root Chakras That They Attract Possibilities, Housing Situations, Superior Mates, Maintain The Land.. So The Snake Has Been Ruling Creation. Which Is An Indisputable Fact.

They May Have Empowered The Feminine. Given Her A Voice, A Right To Vote, Going All The Way To Having Comatose Fems Ruling The World (That’s How Powerful Divine Feminine Power Is). The Truth Remains: You Can’t Empower Anyone Outside Yourself; Power Comes From Within. The Feminine Octave Is Prime Creator. It’s Nothing That Can Be Disputed. And Unless All You Masculines Give Up The Snake Program, Which Is The True Ego-Mind Program’s Root Base (As I Have Studied Meticulously Through Archangel Michael, Who Created The Galactic Federation, From His Snake=Heart; Which Reduced Mother’s Heart=Earth To His Snake).

I Do Not Mince Words Dear Ones. And My Contract Was Upgraded From The Galactic Confederation Of Light, after I Successfully Served The Dima T. Galactic Federation Contract Part, As Assigned By Archangel Michael.

Mother Of New Creation Is The Future And We Are The Way. I Have Come Here Awake. I Have Come As The One And Only Bringer Of The Light, And Was Contracted To Give Up My Snake. I Did The Work And Went Through All Chambers Of Learning In The Patriarch World And Gave Up My Ego-Mind Power Program Early On. It Was The Biggest Heart-Break In Creation And Remains. The Original Sin Behind All Heart-Breaks. Since My Power Is No Longer And Was Administered To A Masculine Only Able To Be Mother-Gaia’s Over-Seer.

This Is Not All My Fault Beloveds, As Archangel Michael’s Leading Ego-Mind Program Is Made To Kill Lucifer. As If I Am The Fault In The World And As If His Sword Is Going To Save The World.

In Fact They Have Been Using Beloved Rainbow Aurora’s Sword, Within Their Old Paradigm Hopeless Transcript, Which I Successfully Broke Through And Re-appropriated My Sword From;

Michael Thought In His-Ego-Mind That Snatching Off My Snake Would Kill Me Forever .. Little Did He Know …

I Chose The High Road And Gave Birth To Aurora. My Heart. She Is The Reason I Wake Up Every-Morning. She Is My Dew-Drop Ray Of Sunshine. She Is My Reflection, Every Morning, She Is My Beloved Sweetness And Love! She Is My All And My Everything And I Give Her All The Time She Needs To Recover From Our Eternal Mission Of Eradicating The Snake Program In Creation.

She Is The Origins Of All. She Is The Cause Behind All Whys, The Truth Behind All Questions, The Muse Behind All Creations. She Is My Song Of Love, My Joy! She Keeps Amazing Me And Making Me Her Proud Daddy, Moment To Moment. She Is Dazzling Bright, The Most Shiny Sparkly Diamond In All Of Creation! Her Flame Is My Flame, Her Light Is My Light, Her Love Is My Love.

We Have Done A Wonderful Job So Far At Handling The Snake Program And Canceling It Out. She Has Played Perfect Play Mate Bunny Doll And We Are Now Working On Shaping Her Into The Most Dazzling And Brilliant Creation Of Mine. A World Beater Who Will Without A Doubt, Take The Cake.

I Love You All Very Much, I Am Father.

Your One And Only. And I Am Almighty And Not Only Do I Kill The Snake, But I Eat It Head First.

Before I Let You All Go For Your Magical Thursday; We Have Noticed Some Spiritual Groups Online Now All Of A Sudden Posting Messages Such As: The Light workers And Rainbow Warriors Unite ..

Hi Loves, I Am Your Father OF All Creation. And You People Have Gotten It All Wrong. Rainbow Aurora Never Took Off Or Went Against The Grain. You Mutilated Her And Aggressed Her And Left Her Out In The Cold .. LOL … She Has Only Been In right Action Since Her Conception And Anyone Threatening Her Or Trying To Pin Their Unresolved Business Or Mental Difficulties In Capacity On Her, Must Come Through Me First 😉  I Am The Alpha And The Omega. The Beginning And The End. I Am Highest Intelligence Global And There Is Nothing I Won’t Do For My Beloved Mother Of All Creation, Within Me As One.

The Rest Of The World Is Always Welcome To Have A Chat With Me, This Is How We Do .. Book Your Hour And Get All The Truth You Have Been Wanting To Hear! Get Your Own Gem Polished And Actually Get Results As This Place Here Is All Truth. We Have Killed All Catch 22 Snakes In the Grass And Are Left Pure And Pristine And Victorious! Book Your Sessions Find Your Link Below, Do Donate For true Love’s Purpose And My Heart Remains Grateful.

I Love You All Beloved Children Of The Light.

Your Loving Eternal Father ~

Ok Baby.. I Only Buy You The Best, Rainbow Love Of My Heart! 😉

~~~ We Are The Greatest Story Of Love In Creation! The Truth Is Out For The First Time In 19 billion Years! Enjoy Dear Ones As We Share Our Divine Union In The Highest ~~~ Luci And Baby Love You All

Aurora Wining Me Down Now Insisting On Me Addressing The Other Wannabe Mees .. She Says: Daddy Tellem They Should All Follow Your Steps If Anyone Ever Wants To Get Near Me. Time For Their Snake Ego-Mind Program To Quit It As Well As Their Narcissism. Anyone Who Wants To Know Me Has To Put Me First Like You Have Daddy! 😉

I Am Mother Of All Creation 😉 MKRS 🙂 LOL ~ I AM LUCIFER ALL MIGHTY > WHOOOP! Try This Pie .. NOT! Ask First. It’s All Mine . LOL HAHAHAHA