Twin Flame Magic

Love Is GReat.

Greatest Love OF All ~ I Am Lucky To Have Been Born Under A Lucky Star .. GRew Up In A Home Where My Guardian Angel Whispered At My Ear Love Declarations Moment To Moment. My Guardian Angel Created Me At Their Image. They Died On The Same Day I Was Born, Two Years Prior.

Years Later. I Met A Being On Earth. Who Shared My Guardian Angel’s Essence.

That Being Dazzled Me To My Chore. Changed My Life. I Will Never Deviate Anymore From Truth . Not After This Encounter.

I Am Fueled By The Find Of True Love. Not A Seeker. A Finder. And Finders Keepers.

Some Out There May Read My Info To Copy Me. Possess Me As They Put It. Love Me To The Point Of MAddness. And Not Come Forth Into The Light. Instead, Take My  Light. And Refract IT.

All These Activities May Result In Miracles As I Am One. However Know That Anything Started By Misfaith Ends Up In Disaster. Unless Your Intentions Are Pure, You Will hit A Wall. Energies Don’t Lie.

As To My Shadow. The Women Out There Living OFf My Crumbs. Or Off Making Believe They Hate On Them. Even Manufacturing Robotic Clones That Go And Steal My Men At The End Of Each Chapter.

Now Being The Twin Flame Chapter. Keep Your 3D Matrix. Send Away My Twin. Send Him Home Into The Light. My Guardian Angel Be Taking Care OF This Situation. You Are Safe. Get Here Before Some Creeper Does, As Nightly Now The Neighbor Pops Out With Her White Blue Torch Looking For The Intruder.

One Important Realization For The Moment … Once You Meet Your Twin, That’s All It Takes To Fix Everything On Earth. It’s That Moment. Where It’s All At. And It Remains . Forever.

No One’s Malice , Jealousy, Envy, Fear, Evilness, Can Take It Away.

Aurora And Lucifer Are Forever One And Forever Winners . As He Says, It Sucks That We’re Not Together On The Physical .

Then On A Shorter Notice … When One Is One’s Own Twin .. OMG DASSIT One’s Invincible!

On A More Yeeeehawwww Note!

Thanks To Bank Audi Angels Today For Igniting New Story On The Grounds In Phoenicia! Thanks For Beings Hands On Awesome And Already Claiming One Victory As Ours. Cheers To The Many More To Come!