Sanat Kumara Express ~ ” Heaven Can Wait”

Greetings Love Beings!

Due To The Latest Field Status, The Latest Command From Commander Heaven, Sanat Kumara, Came Through As Such:”Heaven Can Wait” …

Rainbow Aurora Is Working On Bridging Heaven And Earth Currently Changing Dima Tabrawi’s Information In The Banking World After The Postal Services Were Handled, Living Arrangements And Work Environment Have Been Shifted To New-Creation Aurora Diamond Rainbow!

As We Bridge The Global Democracies And Unify The Fields Through Aurora Diamond Rainbow’s Service, We Are But A Step Closer!

So … Big Lol .. We’ve Seen It All And It’s Not A Big Deal; We Can Wait Another 19 Billions Years..

We Love You All .

We Are Heaven.

We Are Infinite Patience.

We Can Wait ~

The Arcturian Council Of Light With Special Transmission By Sanat Kumara And Rainbow Aurora <3