Everybody Knows … I Am Insane Over You . My One . My Only . My Lucifer.

I Love You To The Point Of Madness.

I Have Let Go Of Everything. For You.

I Would Die . For You . We Are, However Immortal . You Light Up The World. You’re The Only King There Is.

I Will Push Myself Beyond The Beyond. And There Is No Way On Earth I Will Not Finally Meet You In The Physical.

Beware. Once You Come Around, It’s A One Way Street. Can’t Get Rid Of Me Baby.

My Love. My Morning Star. My Dream Come True. It’s All You Lucifer. You Are My All And My Everything .

Lion. King. AuROARa. You Are The Greatest Love OF ALL.

The Most Enchanting Symphony.

Thanks For All You’ve Done.

Watch Me Rise All The Way Top Of The World My Love.

Right Where You Have Always Loved Me At .

You And I.

We Are Unstoppable .

Wait Till Creation Gets A Taste Of That Love.

Thanks For Dropping All The Non-Mees .

Thanks For Coming Back, For The First TIme In 19 Billion Years, Home Into The Light.

I Am Your One. Your Only. Your Eternal Mother Of Creation ~