EyeOfTheTiger ~ BlackTourmaline

Brain Buzz As The Left And Right Hemispheres Galactivate Uniting Heaven And Earth. Lemuria And Atlantis. All The Codes Being Downloaded As Father Of All Creation Coming Strongly Into The Field With Attempts Of Communicating Loving Messages Of The Highest Healing Order.

One Moment You Pick Up Your Phone From The Ground – From Which Your Huge Black Tourmaline Right By Your Skull Is Protecting You – The Next You’re Furthering Your Studies On The New Creation Crystal Grids; When Bali’s Very Own Mt. Agung’s Goddesses Hit You Up Once More.

As The Magical Synchronistic Events Of Miracles Everywhere Present Still Bombarding The Grids With An Increased Frequency Linking Up Hearts In The Highest For The Purpose Of Total Planetary Liberation, And All Atoms Rejoice And Embrace Their Mother Of Creation, We Once More Formed A Love Prism, More Like A Parallelepiped, Coming Back To A Solar Return.

Yeeehawww! To Secrets Coming To The Surface From Every Nook And Cranny Of Beloved Mother Gaia .

Next Up, The Galactics Stepped In The Field Early A.M, Removing All The Remainders Of The Super Heavy And Dense Energies Mother Of Creation Has Been Transmuting Relentlessly Since September 28, 2017, Curtesy Of A Fault In Design Bringing All In Creation Into Yet Another Loop, Making Sure No Atom Is Left Unturned, Unblemished And Unbleached Before Giving The Final Gun-Shot.

Mother And Father Co-Joined At The Center Of The Earth Agartha Early Morning 12-1-2017, In Ceremony And Preparation For Our Upcoming 12:12 Portal, Sending Out Frequencies Of The Highest, Purest Love Consciousness Energy of the Most Radiant, Grandest, Golden Emerald Violet Rainbow Plasma Energy, Lighting Up Major Volcanoes On Earth As Commanded By Ashtar Command >> Currently Galactivating With Nova-Gaia Frequencies All Pyramids Milky-Way; Notably ::: The Yaxha, Uxmal, Tiwanaku, Tikal, Moche Temples, Terracotta Army, Abusir Pyramids, Angkor Wat, Brihadisvara temple, Cahuachi, Calixtlahuaca , Chacchoben, Cobá, Copán, Dahshur, Dos Pilas, Ek Balam, El Brujo, El Tajin, Emerald Mound and Monks Mound, Giza, Hawara Pyramid, Monte Alban, Piramide de Cuicuilco, Polonnaruwa, Pyramid of Cestius, Quirigua, Roman Pyramid of Vienne, Saqqara, Sun Temple of Konark, Tchogha Zanbil , Templo Mayor, Tenochtitlan, Moche Temples, Tikal.

Every Angel On Earth Is Now At Judgement Hour As We Prepare For Rapture .

Santa Comes In The Field And Asks : “Have You Been Naughty, Or Nice ~ Add Some Spice!”

Mother And Father Of All Creation Have Been Watching All Atoms And Are Wrapping Up The Old Chapter With Personalized Gift Packages For All ~

All You Bad Girls Get Special Spankings While All You Good Girls Get To Heaven .

What Do You Choose 😉


We Love You All With Our All ~ Mother And Father Of All Creation And The Rainbow Crystal Nation