Dreamtime Galore …

With The New Circumstances Whereby We’re On Total Isolation Hermitage Here, Going Through Yet Another Transfiguration Event, Embodying One’s Higher Self And Ignoring The Fakeness, Whispers, Manipulations And All The Rest At All Times Active All Around, The New Super Cool Practice Has Been To Choose Couple Crystals Every Night And Sleep With Them In Bed.

What This Has Been Allowing Are Pretty Intense Revelations, A Crystal Clear Memory Of The Events Going On During Sleep Time, And Major Advancement.

We Wake Up Today With the Galactics And Etherics All Around, Pretty Pleased With The WAy Things Are At The Present Moment Of Now In This Void Oregone Box We Actually Worked Hard To Attain, And There Is A Major Sexual Theme Going On In Dream Time, This Dimension Being Close To Inactive On The Physical For Years Now, With The Exception Of Very Few Moments Of Rectifying Octaves. Nothing Real, Or Steady; Raw Or True. Just Make Believe, Mock Action Following Guidance To Make Amends On The Broken MAsculines Following An Even More Erroneous And Broken Divine Fem Blue-PRint That Has Brought Calamities To The Planetary Grids.

Putting That Aside, The Amends Being Made Now Are Major Fem On Fem Action, Lots Of It Takes Place In Beirut ((8:43)) For The Most Part, With A Few Exceptions Here And There When IT’s Spaceless And Timeless. The Sequence OF Dreams Occurring LAst Night, With Silver And Blue Crystals In the Vicinity Of The Goddess’ Vessel, Ended After Long Car Rides, On A Highway And With A Masculine Being Castrated By An Over-Powering Fem (Phenomena I’ve Watched For Eons Now, That Actually Makes Men Be Subservient And Fem Pleasers And Do Whatever the Fem Wishes But Makes Them Look Outrageously Dumb To Me). The Question She Asked Him To Get His Attention Away From Me Was Simple As What His Fav Color Is; All He Was Saying Was He Doesn’t Have One While She Was Fixing His Shirt And Putting Her HAnds All Over Him Making Them Looks Like Dwarfs. He Has Been Into Me For Years Now, But Is So Dumbed Down By The General Feminine Octave Where I Am Spoken Of In Really Bad Terms Generally And Looked Down At; All I Did Was Smile And Say Rainbow Is His Favorite Color. He Smiled Right Back.

She Is Not Malignant As Far As The Galactics And I Are Concerned. Just Dumb In The Sense That She’s A Winner In The Ego World Which Doesn’t Account To Anything In Milky-Way-Galaxy-A. But Those Fems That Are Successes In The Ego World Always Make Cat Food Out Of Masculines.

So While I Land Back On Earth Momentarily After My Long Space Periods, IT’s Always The Same Scenario. Everyone Is All Coupled Up And It’s Drama On The Dance Floor If I Pop In. Even When The Guy Has Been Single, Abandoned Or Whatever His Circumstance, Moment I Pop In, All The Fems Suddenly Want him So Bad Just Cos I’m In The Picture.

No Masculine Yet Has Been Powerful Enough To Rise Above The 3D Matrix He Finds Himself In And Boldly And Proudly Choose Love And Stay FAithful And Strong. So I Proudly Stay Space.