Poseidon’s .. REVENGE ~~ Medusa UNDONE

Dear Ones,

As You All Know, Dreamtime Spirit Work Is As Effective As Astral travel, Meditation And Actual Physical Work; Is More Potent As It’s Quicker.

All God-Head Locals Know The Tale Of A Thousand And One Nights Local Super Drama Involving The Love Triangle Situation That Had Me Go Totally Alien To A Point Of No Return…

Yes . That Story Came Up and Amends Were Made On Love Triangles .. Listen Up!

So The Fiery Leo Masculine WAs Laying In Bed With All My Crystals. Her And I Were In The Room. SAV Started To Act Out And WAlked Out. Instead Of Claiming My Throne And Victory, I Followed Her ?! LOL Which Is SOmething That HAs Never Happened On The Physical LOL….

How The Story Went On the Physical Was Hands Down The Biggest Drama BAd Blood Of The Medusa Frequency; The Man And I Actually Ended Up In The Medusa Temple In Turkey ~

It WAs A Hot August Night; I Was Going Through Major Psychic Attacks Locally And That Night Just Rode To The Triangle And There He Was. This Stunner Fiery Leo, Waiting For Me With Open ARms And A Warm Heart; Had Just Been Left At THe Altar By His Sweetheart As I WAs Going Through A Super Dramatic Divorce.

Three / Two / One /// We Were ON! Under The Watchful Eye Of All The Island . Riding Wild, Flame On. We Were Everywhere. On Every TRansportation Mean. All The Time. Non-Stop. We Were Making Love In Public. Night One. We Were Outrageous…. And Who Pops Back In.. Both Exes DUH..

So The Two Of Us Took Trips . First Within South Carolina To Escape The Envy/Jealousy due to Our Fire .. Then We Went All The Way All OVer The Middle EAst And Were So Gluey . We Showed Places Like The Desert In Jordan And The Clubs In Bahrain Things They Never Thought Possible; LOL. Were Arrested For Him Driving Torso Naked And Me Kissing him Too MUCH .. LOL / Beings Would Show Up Say They ARe Praying For Us To Make It Through ((They Know Who I Am, And Know Father Seat Is Looking To Be Filled)) ~ We Were Young, Wild, Hot And Free. We Were The Relovution. And Had More Than Infinite Challenges On Our Path… To Then Return To The Island, To A Home We Both Co-Created FRom Scratch, Including PAinting The Walls Together; To Find Out His Mom Had Been Pushing For His Ex (While My Masculine Cousins Back Home Had Him Cheat In The Club’s Corridors, Under The Watchful Eye Of All The Club Owners Who Are All Childhood FRiends).

Which He Did. Vanished On Me All Night. Then Another. Then A Third. I Had Started To Go Alien At This Point. The Rupture Was Unbearable. And The Intensity OF The Realization Of The Betrayal By The Nearest And Dearest Was Simply Unbelievable. He WAs Popping Weird Pills To Be Able To Do What He Did, As Our Love Was Over The Charts. We WEre Beyond.

So One Night, I Get A Call From His Buddy Saying I Am Being Cheated On. The Person I Am Has Me Eradicate All Sorts Of Doubt Soon As They Come Up. Rainbow Sword All The Way Since I Deem It Unnecessary To Allow Creeping Thoughts In My Purity. So I Simply PAck It All Up And GO.

To Never Return Again As I Was. Took Two Months Off On Planet Hollywood, Painting And Rollerblading. I Had Already Found Out I Was Arcturian. And That’s When I Then Ended Up In The Hotel World. Began My Total Higher Self Embodiment As Life On Earth Had Left Me No CHOICE.

While Shifting TO Total Alien, I Was Still Dealing For Years With The After-Math Of Our Love. Including Betraying Fems Showing Up To My Yoga Classes Where I Would Pass Out At The end Of Giving The Class Not Knowing It Was Due To Them Showing Up To Take My Power To Use It With Him In Bed. And Much More Atrocities Involving All The Masculine Population Here That Turned On Him SO UGLY. I WAs Daily Still Writing Him Everything Going On For His Growth. Including Introduced Him To My Most Recent Then Contacts And My Higher Self Integration Journey, Revealing My Mother Of CReation Truth To Him.

In The Physical He Obviously Went Back To his Former Sweetheart And It Failed. So She Is Poseidon’s Queen Now Making Drinks For The Thirsty Population 😉

So In The Dream, As She WAlks Out The Door, I Am Right Behind Her!!!! We Go To Another Room Together And I Am On The Phone With Poseidon Crew And Am Totally Hecting Up A Whole Role That Has No Beginning No End. IT’s Funny As F*** So After They Try To Get Me To Come In To Work For Them I Hang Up And We Both Laugh And Are Laying In Bed Together……

The Guy WAlks In On Us ….. He FLABBERGASTED .


He Has Always Tried To Mention The Possibility Of THe Three Of Us TOgether But Us Two Fems WEre Irrational. She Was Threatening To Kill Herself Showing Up At Our Place Unannounced Bleeding Breaking Fingers In The GArage; Involving Cops And We Were INSANE> Rode Wild Bikes 3:00 a.m Turned The Whole World Upside Down .

So Dear Ones. Here’s How Amends Are Made During Dream Time.




Watch And See What Comes Up Next On The Physical ! LOL