RainbowSword + RainbowBazookAHH ~ GoodToGo!



Greetings Love Population!

Not Yet Gotten Your Tools To Get Rid Of All The Bugs, Takers And Projectors Out There?! Please Go Right Ahead As The Tools ARe Of High Efficiency!

I Have Taken On Way More Than My Fair Share, Have Even Engaged And Accepted To Fit In What’s On OTher’s People’s Plates…

At Some Point Though Toss That Meat Ball Pasta Right Back At Their Faces And Have Them Get Probiotics Necessary To Get IT Out The OTher Way.

Again. Thanks To All True Angels For All The Abundance Coming My Way.

Apologies For Having Dedicated Way Too Much Of My Time On Random Creepers And Takers And Having Starved My True Lovers For Way Too Long !

Forever Yours,

RainbowAurora <3 Smiles And Chuckles .