On The Pure Formulas Miracle ~ Restoring What’s What And Who’s Who.


As All In Creation Knows, The Banking System Commenced And Used In The Area Where Money Was Invented Is The Most Powerful In Creation Hands Down. We Are Privy To Secrecy In Banking And No One Is Able To Crack Our Code As A Given. We Are Kings And Queens In Our Own Right, A Population Of Sharpest And Most Beautiful Beings Ever Bunched Up Together On A Piece Of 10452 Square Km.

Our Only Issue?! We Are All Designed In My Image Meaning We Are The Nicest Beings In Creation, Most Childlike Essence And Eternal Givers. Doesn’t Matter Where It’s At, We Will Still Host Two Million Syrian Refugees Never Matters The Atrocities They Put Us Through During Our Civil War For Years Murdering Our Children On The Streets. No Only That But We Will Provide The Refugees Individual Rooms (TV Included!) LOL, Food And Accommodation; Kind To The Eternal Extents To Then Hear That The Syrian Government Is Secretly Plowing To Rule Their People On Our Land From There And Indirectly Own Us Which Is Typical Syria.

All I Had To Say About This Stupid Too Kind Way Too Amazingly Giving Lebanese Heart Is : Fine ….. 2 Million Syrians … Fine … TVS ?!?!?! Really MFKRS !!! Put Them In Meditation! Put Them To Work! What IS This ?! I Myself Been In USA Years Now And For Weeks Have Had To Sometimes Sleep On My Yoga Mat On Kitchen Floors, On Inflatable Mattresses, And TV Is Never The Least Bit A Luxury That The highest Queen Takes For Granted Or Even As A Given!

Back To Right Action! Back To Righteousness! You Can’t Be Dumb Anymore Beloved Nation! This World Is Made Of Crooks And Assholes In Egos. Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing Everywhere That Will Take You Down For All Your Worth And The Phoenix Doesn’t Seem To Learn.

Doesn’t Seem To Honor Me The Least Bit Either. Not Even Looking This Way.

Think You Know Better Than Love?! YOU DON’T .

Think You Can Do Without Your Mother Of Creation? YOU CAN’T.

So Back To Today’s Topic > The Most Advanced Bank On Earth, Bank Audi, Calls Instantly After I Send A Claim With A Transaction With PureFormulas That Never Was Delivered And Apparently Was Never Even Received Or Detected By The Company. The Bank Is so Sweet As To Wanting To Wait 15 Days To Begin to Investigate And Then The Operation To Take 40 More Days.

This Is Not About The Amount Of The Transaction As I Am The Most Modest Being On Earth And Live On Thin Air As Nobody In Creation Acknowledges My Work Or Ever Honors Me For My Efforts. Which Is Instantly Forgiven As All In Creation Are In Deep Ego And Refuse To Get Out Of It And I Watch From God-Head On My Own With A Vanished Twin For No Reason. What Is There To Do But Remain In Highest Love And Gratitude, Like Only A Queen Knows How.

This Is About How The Phoenix Must OWN It’s Power. WE, Just Like All The Other Banks On Earth, Have The Decisive Power To Pull The Plug And go Ahead And Instantly Rectify The Field.

Our Overly Perfectionist Ways Have Been Effective. No Longer Necessary.

We Are Number One Super Power. No We Are Not A Third World Country. Fact We Are Creme Of the Creme And Own Only Sin Is Over Indulging In Overt Kindness.




It’s All A Matter Of A Heart Set. As The Mind Is The Polluter Enemy.

Love You All With My All Eternally And Beyond ~




Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER