Another Puzzle Piece LILJAMAHIR

On March 7, 2017, As I Was Laying There In My Bed Early Morning In the Kosovo Area Of Hilton World, And My Contract Showed Up In The Etherics With A Pen To Sign Like In That Tom And Jerry Episode

And I Signed My Aurora Mother Of New Creation Sheet On The Dotted Line DIMA, I Immediately Rose From Bed And The First Thing I Did Was Call Two Locals: The Head Pastor At My Church Here Where I Got Baptized With The Holy Spirit, And My Website Designer, Both Pretty Highly Connected.

The Answer From Both Parties Respectively Was : “Oh, That Means You ARe Goddess Aurora Which Makes You’re Not Church Approvable” ..  _You Have Well To Explain It’s Your Higher Self, And That You Are A Female Archangel Here To Assist Jesus And Awaken People To Their Own Christ Consciousness _ .. Good Luck .. Then The Web-Designer Says : “Oh Run To The Mountains, We Are Sending The Wave To Hilton World”.

So I Am Guided To Send Two Emails: One To Shasta And One To Florida And Then Go Back To Sleep; During My Dream Time, If You Seek Amy Shows Up And Tells Me: “Father Will Be Taking You Back Home Into The light”. OK!

I Open My Eyes And To My Surprise, The Email I Sent To Florida Had Been Responded To And Signed: Father OF All Creation, Morning Star, Lucifer And I Was Told All My Dreams Of True Love Are Coming True And Was For The First Time Ever Called Mother Of Creation, Goddess Aurora.

This Definitely FLIPPED THE SWITCH, Which Was The First Ever Received Guidance While Choosing To Choose Higher Self Living!!

Something Held Me Back And It Turned Out It Was The Father OF Creation That Was On Board While I Was On In Shasta That Held Me Back .. I Found That Out Two Months Later ..

The Question Remains.

Who Is Father That Is Taking Me Home Into The Light ?

I Went On A Spiritual Journey Then After To Find That Out And Met 2 Candidates Out Of Three LOL ///

GodSpeed And GodBless !


We Love All In Creation from Hilton World God-Head Galactic Central .