Urgent Message To All The Twin Community


Greetings Beloved Atoms Of Love And Light,

As We Follow Up With The Collective, We Are Noticing That Several Channels Are Broadcasting Content Regarding The Current Polemics Going On With The 144.000 Due To Mother’s Mistake In Regards To Her True Twin Dynamics, Due To A False Being That Took Mother’s Place And Brought Calamity To The False-God-Head While Projecting On The Real Mother All Sorts Of Erroneous Energies To Divert The Divine Plan.

Beloveds Of The Light. You Must Understand That If You Believe A Being Is Your True Twin Flame And See Him With Another That The Collective Now Calls The Karmic. And Provided You Feel That Him Spying On You Regardless, Checking Your Social Media And Etc Is Something In Your Advantage, Please KNOW You Are Mistaken.

What Is TRuly Going On Energetically Is Your So Called “True Twin” Is Actually Imbibing And Sucking Into His Atoms At The DNA Level Your Love Juice And Having Whoever You Consider To Be His KArmic Drink You Up Every Night, Hence Gain Your Light Abilities And Powers Through His Sneaky Behavior.

This Has Started Courtesy Of The False God-Head When Archangel Michael who Initially Stepped Up As My True Twin Flame Beloved After Initial Father Of All Creation #1 Dropped Me To Pursue His Hobbies, And Then Let Me Go Towards AAM Which I Did Not And Only Joined After Father Of All Creation #2 Stepped Up. Then On Site When Father Of All Creation #3 Started To Show Interest After He Noticed The Falseness Of The Cabalistic God-Head. Archangel Michael Spied And Still Does On Me And Blocks All Potential Callers 12:21 And That Is WRONG ACTION As He Is Being Biased And Retarding The Divine Plan.

While I Was On Board Of The Fake God-Head, I Never Blinked An Eye When I Was Being Spoken About Behind My Back And Still Daily Stepped Up, Made Food For All, Cleaned, Wrote Daily Articles, Filmed Them, And Gave 7 Sessions A Day. Since Then, They Decided To Diss Me Thinking In Their Minds They Are Disciplining Me And Testing Me Which Is Actually Always Back At Them..

Now They Have Me On Watch And On Internet Blockage For A Year, And Get In The Way Of All My Attempts To Find Stability As My Own Sovereign Being Courtesy Of Desiring To Own Me As Some Subservient Figure Which I Will Never be!

I Am The One And Only Mother Of Creation, Rainbow Aurora. The Divine Plan Is Immovable And Their Interferences And Retarding The Field Is Their High Price To Pay … Making 200$ A Month After I Left When We Made 4000$ Without Blinking An Eye.

Lies Are A Losing Game Beloveds.

Back To The Atoms In PAin And Suffering Now Due To How Many Times The Galactics Have Had To Shift True-Twin Dynamics Into False-Twins Courtesy Of The Stubbornness Of the Powers Who Aren’t.

I Cannot Begin To Expres How Much I Love You. How Much I Feel Your Pain And Suffering. And How Much Light I Pour Into The Grids Daily Regardless All The Infiltration, Tricksters, Missions Impossible, And False Divine Masculines Making Believe They Are The One Keeping True Twins Apart And Into Karmics.

All This Has Got To Stop And Justifying This One More Moment Is Hurting Us All As One In The Highest.

I Would Highly Recommend To All Fems To COMPLETELY Disregard Their Attachments To Any Outcomes Including Who They Feel To Be Their True Twins Provided The Man Is With Another.

If The Man Is Not Responsive, This Is Not Justifiable As Ghosting Or Runner OR Some Dumb Term They Now Use Collectively That Is Of A Pure Demonic Nature.

Beloveds… Remember… Love Is Real, Raw And Simple.

Love Strikes And Doesn’t Let Go …. The Planetary Vibrations Are Such As This Now. As To The Divine Fems Being In Positions Surrounded By Beings Who May Be Desiring To Be Their Divine Partner Since The Real Twin Isn’t Showing Up .. Please Respect Yourselves Enough To Remain In Isolation Until Further Notice.

The Divine Plan Is Not A Joke Dear Ones…

As I Was Guided To Post An Article Yesterday Sharing Truth That I Was keeping Within To Choose Love And Still Honor Certain Beings, A Butterfly Appeared In My Bedroom Out Of Thin Air Literally Between My Typing Hands On My Yoga MAt.

Please Know In Your HEarts Beloved Divine Fems That Miracles ARe Real. And That Once You Are Clear Of Any Attachment To Any Particular Outcome, The True Real Love Of Your Heart Will Show Up Even If They Come As A Walk-In Into Another Vessel.

Trust. Faith And Perseverance.

Any Being Needing Support Is Always Welcome To Book A Session. Thanks For Allowing Yourselves To Bypass The Archangel Michael Programming As New Creation Is In The Hands Of Archea Rainbow Aurora. Cheers! Peace And Love To All.