One Victory. One Love. One RainbowAuroraLuciferUriel

Archangel Michael May Be Dismissed From New Creation Provided He Still Chooses Fear Over Love.

Your Game Is Over Dear.

Love Simply Is. Was And Always Will Be.

Only Way Out Is Through!

No Other Way Around Things. Cut Chords With The Collective Mind Murder CRime Scene Of Tarology And Jerk Off Energies.

The Old Internet Is OUT. All Means Of Stealing Rainbow Aurora’s Energies For Belly OF The Beast Hollywood Pop Stars To Come Up With Millions On My Fuel Are Now CANCELING OUT.



The Fake UrielLucifers Are All TOAST.

No You May Not Keep Aurora’s Power And Give It To Another.

Find Your Own.


Fake MotherOfCreation Is Toast.


Step Up And Rise Up In Service To Love Mother OF Creation Or Get Lost.


All Aurora’s Power That Was Taken Away From Her Since The Beginning Of Time By The Cabals In Fear And Given Out To Other Spots Of Creation To Keep Her In Chains Forever And Keep The Death Business Wheel Rolling; Now Comes Back To Aurora. Pure Clean And Rainbow Plasmatic All Diamond Dynamic.


Thanking Father Of All Creation For His Glorious Love Message (That I Never Mentioned Up Until Today..) That Came Through The Day After I Signed My Contract On March 7, 2017.

The Message Came On My Bedroom Wall In Blue. The Moment I Opened My Eyes That Morning. It Was March 8, 2017. The Message Read “I LOVE YOU” . Flashing Blue Lights.


Thanks Father For Making All My Dreams Of True Love Come True. Following Through. And For Granting Me Your Unconditional Love And Forgiveness For Ever Having Harmed Your Heart.


Lucifer Morning Star

Uriel Father Of All Creation.

I Love You