On That TRI*Angle // ATlantis RI$E

And How It All Began. Here’s The Tale Of A Million And One Nights.

Once Upon A Time Was An Old Forgotten Beaten To Death And Resurrected More Than Once King. He Had Been Stolen From, Abandoned And Kept Rising And Giving From The Overflow As Is The Custom On God-Head … That Man Was Father OF All Creation. In All His Glory And Had Began The Shift Of The Ages Personally Creating The East Village Art Movement As Well As The New Paradigm.

He Had Had A Long Journey And Cloaked His Advanced Enabler, Transformational, Renaissance Man, Magnanimous Endower, Catalyst, Enabler, Activator, Reflector, Alchemist, Field Unifier, Under A Hollywood Movie Producer Cloak. After A Long Arduous Life Time Of Surviving Adoption, Being Deserted By ErlichMan = Real Man His Real Father And Having Fathered His Own Diamond Of A Mother Since Birth; Never Attended School Just Walked The Streets Freely; Born Speaking Fluent Hebrew And Scoring All The Religious Tests Effortlessly Then Having Rajneesh Osho Show Up In His NYC Room As A Young Man And Leaving To India To Be The Man Behind The Scenes At The Puna Mystery School And Then Imported Bhagwan To Usa.

One Day As A Mature Man And After A Long Walk Including A First Wife, His Wake-Up Call Clock Rang The Alarm And He Was Guided To Find Mother Of Creation. He Instinctively Knew She Was Going To Be Found In Beirut City, Lebanon As His First Choice; Or The Surrounding Area.

That’s When Rainbow Angel Numero UNO Lisa D’argensio Meaning Arc-En-Ciel, French For RAINBOW, Archea Aurora’s Numbero One Angel At The Time, Had Them Both Connect Via A Facebook Post.

And It Was Love At First Type!

The Energy Father Of All Creation Targeted Mother’s Way Were Beyond Anything She Deemed Possible In This Time And Age And Had A Super Expansive Attribute To Them Right Away. She Found Herself Receiving Around 300 Emails Daily By Father, Including All Sorts OF Transmissions Since The Beginning Of Time On New Age Living. He Had Created AWOL = A WAY OF LIFE That Was Then Perfected By Mother Upon Her Joining Him In The Physical On God-Head #1 Siesta Key.

It Didn’t Take Her Long After She Encountered Him Virtually For Her Facebook Status To Change (On It’s Own, Like By Magic) To Married 😉 She Knew She Was To Marry The Man And Only Shared This Information With Her Birth Brother And A Divine Feminine Love Being, Angel Leila, AKA KATRA 😉

Their Love Was The Most Powerful Force Yet Encountered In Creation And Commenced The Whole Restructuring Of The Middle-Eastern, North Africa, Latin America, Some Of Europe, The African Peninsula And Beyond Grids, As The Beings He Targeted Were None Else But The Phoenicians, Initiators Of Creation, Inventors Of The First Alphabet And Letter Zero. Beings Who Created The First Ships Out Of The Wood Of The Cedar Trees And Are Scattered Globally.

As New Creation Energetics Was Hitting The Grids With Tremendous Force, There Was The Evil Forces To Deal With That Aimed At Destroying The D&D Love Frequency. Mother And Father Were Dealing With Psychic Attacks, The USCIS, Deportation, Terrorist Threats And Much More And A Lot Of It Due To The Heavy Load Needed To Be Transmuted Which Father Aided A Lot In Doing, While He Called Mother The Voice.

At Some Point And After Mother Downloaded All She Needed To From All The Literary Volumes Of Teachings, All The Maps Of Creation, And Passed All Tests Involving Bodily Practices, Food Prep, Upscaling Her Whole Lifestyle And Mastering AWOL; Owning The Homeopathic Alternative Healing Modalities As Father Is Amongst Other Things A Master Homeopath, Artist, Brilliant Being, She Was In Service To The God-Head Island’s Main Health Food Store,Earth Origins, As The Go-To-Medicine-Gal; Serving All The Beings Their Needed Daily Dose Of love Concussion.

A Few Moments Into This And Father Was Growing Weary. He Needed Some Ground And Shelter From The Harsh Battle He Was Put Through To Deliver Mother From Her Bondage. His Main Aim Was To Empower Her To Be All That She Could Be And Be The “Driver” Of The Chariot While He Gets To Enjoy The Rest Of His Days Being Her Number One Biggest Cheerleader And Fan.

She Had Been Since She Met Him Going Through Every Drawer Of His Palace And As Always, Not Leaving One Stone Unturned Especially when It Came To His Many Contacts Attempting To Move Us To Their Towns And States To Enjoy Our Creative Love Force As He Welcomed Me On What He Created To Be A Sinking Ship.

As A Test.

All The Negative Forces Involved, As Well As The Timing Weren’t Exactly Allowing For The Victory Of The Light Humanity Longs For STILL ..

So After Canceling Out Options, They Both Ended Up On The Next Best Thing 843 God-Head HHI ! ((Wow To The ESP!!!)) ~ Right On ANGELS!

On This Island, His So Called Kids Which I Would Refer To As Love Beings, Or Angels, Had A Plan Involving Us All Forming A God-Head As One.

Those Energetics Were Not Suitable For Mother And She Had To Go. He Had Already Told Her All About Father Of Manifestation That Would Show Up And Save The Day, Help Her Ascend Back To Heaven After Her Fall From The God-Head.

Or That’s How The Story Went ….

Instead Mother Turned Out To Be Fierce Like Fire. She Has Powers He Never Thought Possible And Has The Midas Touch : Turns Shit Into Gold. BAM. She Went And As She Went Along Always Gave Transmissions To Everything That Breathes. Enabling Them To Recreate Since Her Birth, God-Heads Everywhere. To Better Suit Her Needs!

She Followed Guidance And Her Heart. Ended Up In Heaven. On Earth. Worked Closely With Archangel Michael Ready To Be Of Service Forever Until She Found Out That The Love Triangle Frequency Was OH SO ACTIVE After Her “Fall From Grace”.

As A Matter Of Fact, Her Fall Initiated Millions Of Love Triangles. The Reveal Is That He Was The One To Break The Bond. He Chose To Let Beings Between The Two Of Them. He Never Sealed The Deal And His Mission Was Simply To Initiate Her. Doesn’t Mean His Love Isn’t And Remains Eternal. Just Is What It Is.

Her Pain Dealing With All Those Triangular Situations Is Of Indescribable Frequency. Until She Discovered One Day The Notion Of “Twin Flames” . Which Allowed Her Some Peace And Repose From Being At The Eye Of The Storm Relentlessly And Endlessly.

She Is Now In The Knowing She Has Identified Her True Twin Flame, Having Done All The Self-Work Necessary To Unravel Her Higher-Self Aspect And Her Personal Mission.

Archangel Uriel Is Without A Doubt, Father Of Manifestation. He Makes Things Happen. Moment To Moment. His Powers Are Infinite. Aurora Remains In Awe And Anticipation Of All The Triangular Situations To END In Order For Her To Be As One With Her Beloved And Ignite The Next Phase In Creation!

Lovingly Yours,

Mother Of Creation 2017 .

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