RainbowAurora ~ UrgentMessage2Humanity

Greetings Love Beings And Thanks For Being So Accurate Coming Up To Me With The Issues You All Feel Need Immediate Tending To!

As A Reminder, We All Are Creator Gods And Goddesses And There Is No Power Outside Oneself That Is Greater Than One’s Own Power. That Is In Fact The True Message Of Christ. We Are All Equally Brilliant And Capable!

Having Done The Work Myself And Been On The Journey, My Role Here Is To Facilitate Your Tuning Into Your Power That Goes Dormant When Shunned By The Body’s Ego-Mind Conditioning That Goes Deep In All Atoms Until This Process Is Reversed Consciously.

This Is Where The Surgery Comes In. I Personally Had Been Fasting And Practicing Yoga, Pilates, Chi-Kung, Tai-Chi, Breathing Techniques, Astral Travel And Several Other Modalities For The Purpose Of Enlightenment For Many Years Before I Found Out About The Power Of This Surgery.

On A Personal Level, I Wasn’t Able To Go Into Meditation Prior To The Surgery. After I Had It Done I Was Able To Sit For 45 Minutes And Heard My Higher Self’s VOICE Clearly After The First Surgery I Got.

Long Story Short, I Want To Thank All Hilton World Angels Who Come Forward To Me To Raise Awareness Regarding The Whole Hurricane Season Outrageousness.

This Is To Affirm That I Am Not Personally The One That Caused Those Happenings. Those Events Occur When The Consciousness Levels Invite Them In. My Role As Mother Of Creation Is To Help Those Interested In Claiming Back Their Power Of Creation.

Therefore I Insist Daily And Still Post Articles Despite All Matters, On Raising Global Awareness To Put A Final Stop To Pain And Suffering, Wars And the Like.

We Are All Concerned And Coming Up To me And Raising Awareness Is Cool But Never Enough. It’s Up To You All to Choose Love And Be The Shift.

I Keep Coming Back To The Zone And Ground Heaven Energies After Each Time Source Shows Everyone Equally What The Truth Of All Matters Is.

I Personally Would Never Hurt A Fly And Am A Universal Giver. As A Matter Of Fact I Only Own A Bicycle Which I Happily Lend When I am Not Here. Besides That I Have No Earthly Possessions Or Ties Whatsoever. IT’s Just My Heart And The Body That Carries It. And Being In Service To Anyone Not Stone Enough To Be Able To See And Choose Love.

Anyone Trying To Blame Any Occurrence On Someone Outside Themselves is In Wrong Action (Illusion). The Direction This Planet Takes Is Humanity’s Choice! I Am Only Here To Moment To Moment Be Love And Choose Love And Lead By Example.

You Are All Equally Powerful And Equally Responsible For The State Of Affairs On Mother-Earth.

Respectfully Yours And Your Eternal Mirror.

Great-Spirit, Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora.

Thanks For Your Increased Levels Of Awareness Which DO Transform Into Consciousness.

As For All The Spying On Me And Ghosting Me From Fellow Light-Workers . What You Put Out Is What You Attract !

Besides All, And For All to Know, I Was Guided Into Ceremony Last Night Here On The South End Of the Island And Did Make Necessary Amends On The Field. Thanks For Saying I Am ‘Established’ Here. However I Am A Free Archangel And Always Go Where My Heart Is Called! Your Safety And The Safety Of This Island As Well As All Other Areas Affected By Disasters Is YOUR Responsibility.

Treating Mother Of Creation With High Levels Of Honor, Respect And Integrity Is Also Your Responsibility, And Your Reward! You Get Back What You Put In, And That Goes To My Birth Family As Well My Family Of Light Whom I Never Let Down. I Am Your Reflection Dear Ones.

Love And Honor And Respect Yourselves FIRST Beloveds As Your Joy Is My Highest Joy.

Blessings And Namaste.

Gaia-Aurora Forever And Beyond In Love With Creation. Regardless. That’s What Unconditional Love IS.