RainbowAurora ~ BlossomGodChild

Candles, Incense, Sage, Organized Ready To Go Luggage Life-Style ~ The Latest Decision After Years Of Moving All Over The Globe Carrying The Whole Closet, Was To Purchase 2 New Suitcases And Fit Whatever Does In There And Donate All The Rest. Such A Relief. Invocations, Prayer, Rest, Nutrition, Biking And Yoga. Beach. Paradise World. Heaven On Earth. So Grateful For This Macbook Pro Been Around For Years Now And Still Fully Operational. So Wish I Hadn’t Approved Of Having My Whole Database Deleted As Some Major Apps Are Gone And This Is Not Lebanon Where It All Comes To Me Perfect In A Nano Second Before I Even Ask For It. This Field Is Rather Different And Slower In A Few Aspects.

Least Today Trump Canceled Out The Obamacare Con-Game. All Death Machine, Death Business Planet Earth Infiltrated Too Long Now .. Yes, Put Some Aspartame And Killem Humans Like Rats In Their Food. Put High Fructose Corn Syrup And Watch Humans Morph Into Whatever That Looks Like And Behaves Like ! And Then Watch All The Illusion Named Money Go Fund The Med Buis And Pharma And Schooling System And Watch The Increase Of Crystal Kids Unable To Cope Whatsoever To Working Parents, Non-Food Food, And All the Rest Of The Never Ending One Foot Nailed To The Ground Eternally Spiraling Downwards Round N Round. Carousel.

Hear The Livid Never Ending YELLS Of The Awakened ‘Ana El Haqq’ Since Forever And Beyond, Ringing The Village Bell Daily Like Wakey Wakey But No. He’s The Weird One And Is Asked To Go.

Where To .. He Laughs. “Forgive Them They Know Not What They do”…. Suicide Or Sannyas . Didja Wake-up YET ? Asks Magdalene. Haha Oh Here Comes Judas. Wassup GAngstah.



We Do Not Recommend The Usage Of Manufactured Drugs. Never Pharma For Sure. Cannabis Mainly For Healing, Shrooms Are Recommended, DMT Is Great, So Is Ayuaschsa. Follow Your Heart Always And It’s All Transmutable At Some Levels Of Consciousness. Thanks For Not Taking The Tracks Below Personally Dear Ones . Booz Is O.K If Used To Transmute Energies. When Necessary 🙂 Natural Tobacco Rolled In Hemp seed Paper Has The Ability To Ground. Cheers To Non-Duality. Welcoming All to 5D And Beyond. Blessings And Namaste. Meat Is Grounding Agent. Highly Recommend Once A Week. Love Is The Answer And Solution >> Dreamscapes9999 ~ Oh Super Thanks For the Open Rainbow Portal That Has Made The Impossible Possible. Always Love And Gratitude. And To All The Masters In Creation Divine.




See You Soon