RainbowStar ~ AuroraMorning13


843 Greetings To All In Creation!

Here’s Another Update Yet ! We Have Received Information Channeled At 5:00 am This Morn About The Reason Why The Masculine Divine Twins Had Been Acting So BLA of Late .. This Regards All Divine Fems And This Information Is Some Of The Most Advanced And Reliable As I Personally Witnessed Divine Masculines Within A 5D Setting Be Told One Time They Are Not It And Leaving The Space To Then DownGrade HUGE Carry On Family Conditioning Situations And Identifying With Their 3D Surroundings going Back To Exes And Getting Into New Relationships With 3D Divine Fems That Are Karmix And … They Purposefully Rejected Their Own 5D And Beyond Selves (That Includes Father Of All Creation So Please Everyone Be Patient With All The Rest Of The Masculines As Mother Of CReation Has Stepped Up And Personally Went And Knocked At The Doors Of Subliminal OBLIVION And WOKE THE FUCK OUT OF HER Twin$ ) ~


Please Dear Ones Stay Patient As The Divine Masculine Has Sank DEEP Into Canibalism, Vampirism, Misaligned Sexuality, OBLIVION, Denial, RETARDATION, STUPIDITY, FEAR, Control Dramas, Reptilian Brain .. All In Response To Feelings Of Rejection, Abandonment, Guilt, Fear, Inferiority Complex, The 3D Chauvinistic Masculine Dominion Approach That Clashed With 5D Powering-With And Honesty, And Much More.


Stepping Away And Giving Them Space To Find Their Compass Again After Having Given Them Pussy Atomic Readjustment To Their Chi-Force, And The General Direction Of Their Lives Is Sure To Give Way To A Brighter Future.


Giving Them A Moment To Snap Out Of The Karmix And Plug Fully Back Into You Is No Big Deal Long As You Stay In High Vibrations And Keep Rocking Your Leader-Boss-Ass-Diamond-Heart Onward And Upward Leading On Your Babies Into NOVA GAIA Watch Them Sway You By Like Good Boys Pronto And Rejoice . Smile . The Time Is Now . xoxo


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