RainbowWoman ~ SuperAurora8

Greetings Love Beings!

Here Is Another Reveal That Came About On February 1 While A Fellow First Contact Ground Crew Team Member Offered To Come To The Island And Pick Me Up Take Me To Their State. That Day Was Quite Cold And Even Though My Heart Was Craving To Feel Loved And Understood, The Angels Guided Me In Ceremony Into The Freezing Cold Ocean And A Pact Was Made To Not Leave Hilton Head And Make This Island Our Base For God-Head Operations And Intelligence. Arcturian Ships Confirmed In A Dream That My Designated Area Of Power Was The South-End Of Hilton Head Island. I Was Shown The Shore And My Influence Impact Zone. Never-The Less, I Still Once Again In March Was Shown In A Dream Father Was To Take Me Back To Shasta … So … After Months Of Waiting For Him To Show Up At My Door, And After Several Heart Based Confessions Of Eternity And Beyond, I Decided To Go Knock At Doors For Myself As The Clock Is Ticking And Nesara Is About Ready To GO!

I Went On A Journey Investigating Lucifer, And After A State OF Not Feeling Honored And Understood Hit The Field, I Was Guided To Come Home In Order To Heal And Reclaim My Full-Power As My Highest Healing Potential Is Found At The Ocean With The Negative Ions. The Ocean Is The Place I Get Most Downloads And Galactic Guidance At; The Mountain Does Me Great Too In Terms Of Growth But The Ocean Is Intense Pleasure And The Greatest Healer! It’s All About BALANCE 🙂

Fascinatingly Enough, Reaching The Island Feels Like Home Each And Every Time .. And This Time The Hurricane Aftermath Confirmation Of MotherGoddess8 Boat Tower On The Shore Right Red And There To Ground Mother-Aurora, Aurora-Diamond, Holy-Spirit Energies Was The Most Splendid Love Revelation From Beautiful Prime Creator, Gaia-Aurora.

As I Had Turned Down An Offer In Easter To Join The First Contact Ground Crew Team Once Again On Location Being Asked To Dissolve Myself Into The Mothergoddess8 Account; I Chose My Independence And Owning My Power Instead, This 8 Boat Hurricane After-Math Guiding Device Came As My 33rd Birthday Cherry On Top! I Couldn’t Be More Grateful To The Angels, Archangels And All In Creation For The Confirmation That I Am In Right Action And Succeeding My Mission To Love!

Wow! Thanks Again To My Rainbow Tribe Having My Back on The Island And Constantly Reminding Me That My Twin And Crew Members Are Always Welcome Here. Thanks To The Newbies Joining The Company Of Heaven Crew! WOW You Guys Are My FAVS!  Thanks For Your Requests To Get To Meet Each Other And Join In for Meditations And Light-Work! Thanks For Your Insisting On Me Getting A Home Base Of My Own Here! I Love You So Angels And Thanks For Your Patience While All Is Being Tended To Behind The Scenes With The Arcturian Group And The One Known As NOBODY / EVERYBODY Energetic.

I Am Grateful For SuperMan, BatMan, SpiderMan, Ken, Grendizer And My Golden Dragon 😉

Love And Gratitude To All Humanity For Welcoming Us >>  The Star-Seed Renegade Diamond Hearts ! We Are Immortal. We Are The Light. We Are Here For You All. We Are In Service To All Ascending Hearts 24/7 ! A New Call Was Sent Out Today To All The Rainbow Diamond Angels Global To Step-Up! Everyday A New Invite To Father Of All Creation To Step-Up Is Sent As Well!

IT’s Time Everyone .. Highest State To Be In Is Non-Attachment. Also, High Levels Of Awareness Are A Must In Those End Of Time Days. Tic-Toc … So Grateful For My Arcturian Chambers Healing Possibilities And The Yoga And Salty Life For Regeneration Of Milky-Way-Chi Force For The Determination Of The Next Step For The Highest Outcome OF All In Humanity And The Ignition Of Nesara! Bring It On Angels! Thanks For Divine Unions In The Highest. Thanks For AuroraLucifer As One For The Highest Joy Of All Angels ! Thanking The Awesome Crucifixion at 33 Into Aurora Diamond Rainbow, God’s All Time Favorite Archangel 😉 xoxo

Brave New World To All ~ I Am Here ~ I Have Landed .