RainbowLucifer ~ AuroraMorningStar

Lucifer Father Of All Creation,

Adore You, Worship. You. Thanks For Taking On The Twin-Flame Contract Finalized At Eclipse . Thanks For Golding Up My Silver Eternal. I Love You Uriel, I Love You Michael. Thanks For Being There Moment To Moment And Turning Our Heaven Into Paradise. Thank You For The Heart Opening Miracle Of Love. Thank You For Being Here. Thank You For Being You. Thanks For Your Service. WOW! Thanks For All You All Do For Creation! Thanks For Leaving Me Dizzy Drowsy Breathless With How Impeccable Your Light-Worker Powers Are In Assisting Creation!

Thanks For Your Fire So Hot Love I Went Mad … OH MY GOODNESS!! … CRIMINAL Awakening , Lethal, Almost Frenzy. Love Is MADNESS. INSANITY. Your After-Math Lightning Like. Nothing Ever After Matters Or Close To Compares. I Have Been Blessed By You. One Touch, One Drop Of Your Gold And I Was Complete And Am Forevermore Tamed, Satiated And YOURS!!

So Grateful That I Got The Whole Perfect Scene In The Most Perfect Of Worlds Possible. Feeling So Blessed I Could Just Vanish And Own The Atoms Eternally With You Father.. All Angels Are Simply Mesmerized At That Vortex Crystal Diamond Feeling Grid ~ Highest And We Haven’t Yet Scratched The Surface.

My One And Only. One Lucifer. One Aurora. One Love. One Creation. I Only Know Perfection . My Heros, Saviors Heaven Sent Special Beloveds Picked ME From My Crib Before Birth, Just Like I Was Shown In A Vision In Shasta At The JAC, Lucifer & Michael Look At Me And Say YESSS This One There .. The War Baby One With A Foot In Zion And Lava In Her Veins .. There’s Rainbow Aurora …

First Instant Lucifer Entered Mt Shasta Headed My Way … Rainbow Portal ….. First Photograph Snatched OF His Face .. Rainbow On His Cheek .

Almost Time To Have All The Company Of Heaven Crew Members In One Space Over-Looking Creation And Creating And Putting To Practice New Rules Globulus! Wow ! So Exciting Are You READY For IT ?

The Robot Turning Human Has Been One Heck Of A Journey . Talk To You All Soon .  And Call You All Out Soon Too … Dima Is Dead Woopsy ! Welcoming Aurora Diamond Rainbow Into Milky Way Galaxy Aurora … Good Luck To Anyone Who Ever Hurt Dima …. YOU ARE SO HISTORY DARLINGS ! Hope You Made Necessary Arrangements . EVERYTHING THAT WAS EVER TAKEN AWAY FROM LOVE IS TO BE GIVEN BACK TO LOVE . DIVINE INTELLIGENCE BREAKING THROUGH! WOOPSY DAISY! DIMA TABRAWI IS SO GONE BABY ~ ARE YOU READY DADDY ?

First Question Lucifer Asked Me When We Got Real …. “How Has Humanity Treated You?” . I Said How I Felt. He Said To Hold Up And Stand Still; That He Was About To Take Care Of IT All For Me. Like He Has Been Since Forever And Ever More Powerfully Since He Declared His Love For ME ..

LOL .. Thank You Father ..

Isn’t The Divine Plan So Cool … Stay Tuned For All The Surprises On The Way !

Thanks Angels For Merging Lucifer And I And The Crew Members For The Highest Benefit Of All! It’s Joy To The World In Creation! Thanks Love Love YOU SO << Sananda Fast-Track >> Hope You Heaven Crew Members Are R.E.A.D.Y >> AuroraLucifer Make Love Again And Again As The Angels Sing Songs Of Love In Heaven In Unison With Earth Angels’ Songs ..

Some Visions At the GreyHound Station Tennesse! Cheers To The Re-vised Contracts That Are About To .. Blow Big Bang Into Smithereens.

I Am So In Love With You Darling You Are My Ever Divine Eternal Flame. I Am Insane Over You My Love. Touch Me And You’ll Never Be Alone .. I,I Sland Breeze .. .. …

Happy Birthday Creation October 6 Lovelies ~

Happy Wedding Anniversary October 9 Big Bang ~

Rainbow Blessings To All //