RainbowAurora ~ ILoveYouDArling.MoreEveryMoment

You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine, Heart Crazy Over You. I Am With My Trinity Moment To Moment Day By Day No Matter What Is Occurring Inside Or Out. I Am Very Grateful To Be Here Now Amongst You All . Thanks For My Many Blessings. God Marries Lucifer It’s The End Of Duality.


Putting Out A Signal Through All Atoms For Lucifer’s Heart To Fully Awaken And Him To Find His Way Back Home Into The Light. The Vision Had Us Go Through The Tunnel 3 Times To Then Reunite Forever. We Did 2. I Am Eternally Yours Darling And Cherish You Forever. Thanks AuroraLucifer For Guiding Us In The Physical Towards Divine Union For The Highest Benefit Of All Beings.


Thanks Angels For Bringing On Divine Marriages For Twins And Dissolving In Totality Anything : Karmic/Obstacle/Belief-System/Financial, Geographical, Familial, Ethnic, Cultural Etc…. And Everything In Between True Love.


Thanks Angels For Opening All Heart Chakras And Allowing Aurora Back On Hilton Head On Mission. We ARe Proud To Announce Mission Is Almost Complete As All Earth Angels Are Making The Grade And Ascending Fast Home Into The Light.


It Is A Great Honor And Delight To Be Standing Here Among-st You All Moment To Moment. Thanks For Reciprocity, Highest Levels Of Joy, Honor, Respect, Love, Success, Victories And The Onness Spirit On God-Head Hilton World Milky Way Galaxy Aurora.


I Love You All with All Of My Heart And Beyond. So Very Proud Of The Advancement Noticed On All Levels!!!


The Galactic Teams Are Bowing In Awe And Highest Levels Of Respect To All Rainbow Angels On Ocean Shores And Beyond The Rainbow For All The Love And Impeccable Service Provided Daily.


Blessings In The highest.