RainbowAurora ~ DivineMasculine.Insan*e

Baby You Are Crazy . Da Fuck Is All Dis Goin’ Round ? Love How Loved We ARE > Stunner .

Gimme A Few Moments To . ….. … .. .. Accept Love As A Possibility Again For New-Creation Ignition ~ Wow Have We Been Postponing ! Thanks For Nesara And The Event Wow !

Thanks Angels For Being Brilliant Enough To Literally Corner Me At The 11th Hour At Gun Point. OK. .. Have We HAd ENuf Now ? Thanks For Hurricane Season Out With, May The Consciousness Be High Enough This Year For HUMANITAS To Get It Together And Remain Higher Than Cabal Hurricane FRequency As Well As Chemtrail RETARDATION !

Wassup Fast-Food World. Aurora Been Transmuting And Processing That Stuff As The Work On New-Creation God-Head Has Been Anchored And Work Is Done With For AWOL ~ A Way Of Life Add On The Transmute Button And Take The Horizontal Ride Up All The Way As Far And High And You ARe ABle To REach.

See Ya There. Commander.