RainbowAurora ~ F4FAKE VS REALITAS

Greetings Love Beings And Disculpa For No One Out There Has Yet Tasted What It Would Feel Like To Be In Service And Being Served By True Light. So Far And Since The Beginning Of Time, Darkness Has Ruled You All Under Several Masks And Disguises And Traps And Hansel And Gretel Type Scenarios >> Congrats For You Have All Survived Their Attempts At Eating Up Your Light.


Their Mind Control Mechanisms And What They Use To Keep You Scared And Shining Less Bright (They Even Use Those Means To Keep Lovers Separate In Order To Lessen The Light Ratio On The Planet To Keep The Power) Have By Now Been SEEN For What They Are, Understood, Felt Through, And Totally Transmuted.

Dark Forces No Longer Stand A Chance and Very Sorry For Florida I Was Rooting For You; Little Did I Know You Were Full Of Boloni. DONE DEAL. BRINGING ON THE FULL LOVE AND LIGHT. Time For the New. Time For The True,

Love You With My All.