RainbowAurora ~ IfSheHatin’TellHerJussToLeTITGo

Ooh Bruxelles Sending Halos To HumanitAx ! ~

Such Love From My Parallel Dimension . Crack Open That Lid And Uniting H n E So Pleasant ~

Go Gadget Go ~

Hit Me Up DArlin’ Spread That Cape, Hold My Hand While We Jump Over That Mud Puddle In My Triple Heels n Tiny Black GAp Shorts ~ Call Me Baby While We Are Driving Against Traffic With Cops Behind Us  ~ Where We Headed ? Israel Borders Palace (( Lovers-Card! )) YEP ~ We Don’t Find A Suitable Bathing Suit For Me So I Hang Round Yo’ Infinity Pool In My Thong ~ Thanks For Bringin’ On Heaven Energies Commander Heaven ~


Bringin’ It On For All In Cray-Cray ! All Them Ceremonies  Energetix Into The Grids Diamond Rainbow Unified Field Temples Multi-Active Hearts Downloading Codes IT’s ON ~ SHANAYNAY


Pioneers ~ I Bow . Worship N Adore The Floors You Walk On ~ ~ ~ LOVERS CARD