For those of you who are here to awaken other humans
to the new Earth, each day
can be filled with opportunities to help
others be the best they can be.
By intending to put this into action you set
into motion a vibration
of peace and compassion for others
enabling you to help people
in several different ways
this help can be done financially, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.
We are all in an Earth community living
breathing and creating together
a better place to live,
and raise our families while we work together.
By lending a hand to a friend in need
your heart connection expands
and then extends much further than you think to those neighbors you live around as well.
Each person’s energy field does in fact extend
quite a distance from their physical body.
Most of you are aware of this every day as you go to work, shop, or play
you can sense others around you.
As Beings of Light it is important to radiate positive
feelings as these are ones that can make a big
difference in good ways for others.
Animals are very sensitive to your energies
and will often join you in sending out
loving vibrations.
I encourage all of you listening
to spend some time in thinking positive about yourselves, your lives
and those you love.
The universal heart energy
is what creates good for all on the planet.

Archea Rainbow Aurora