RainbowAurora ~ Woooohooooo!!! NewMissionHouseGodHeadHereNow

Greetings Mother Lovers!!!!

Here With The Happiest News Ever As We Are Movin’ Out Of Retrograde (Sigh And A Drop Of Sweat On The Forehead 😉 ~ Plans Starting To Come Into Crystal Clear MANIFEST Form As The TRUTH Is ALL OUT And All Chips Are Coming Back Home Into LOVE ~

It’s Official! Love Is Winning And About To Take The Cake! Grateful For All Rainbow Angels Asking About My Whereabouts On God-Head-New-Creation-Crib-HHI!! Grateful For The Fact That The Angels Now Have Downloaded Enough Codes By Getting Their NEW-CREATION Sessions On! Not To Mention How AMAZED I Am Each Time They Spew Off Words That I’ve Only Heard Before By AAM Or Luci In Person ~ And Especially After The Huge Reveal Following Hurricane Miss.Harvey (You Can All Ask UPS Boys, All The Food n Bev Staff, All The Yoga World, The  Whole Choral Sands Boys, And All The Rest Of Hilton World; You Can Ask The Floridian Spiritual Groups Whom We Thank For Assisting Hilton World Avoid The Wave Back In March; You Can Ask The CIA, FBI, Nasa And Global Intelligence Including The United Nations. They ALL Know Wassup!)

Super Love And Gratitude From Company Of Heaven HHI www.lovedima.com To All The State Of South Carolina! Love You CHARLESTON, Bluffton, Columbia, Myrtle, BEAUFORT, Ridgeland .. As Well As GA And The Low-Country For Rocking This World With Your Amazingness, Hospitality And Fantastic Hearts.

Watch Out Wexford, The Rainbow Angels Are Planning Mission House WEX ~ All Beings Attuned To The Unified Field Frequency In Service To Love Are Welcome As WE All Co-Join To Co-Create As We Unite Our Forces. Givers Meet Givers And That Builds Momentum. Yogis Of My Heart As Well As Photographers, Ice-Cream Store Beings, Bar-Tenders, Dancers And All Of You Have Rocked MY Heart For Eons By Now!

Atlantis Spell Has Been Broken Thank You For Our Common Achievements And All The Light Work You All Have Been Bringing On To The Most Repressed Slavery Zone And Now What We Can Finally Declare Is The Second Coming Basically ~ Constitution Bill Of Rights; All Of Us United As One Indestructible Force. From HHI To The WORLD, THIS IS LOVE (I’ve Faked It And Keepin’ On Till I Make It … HUSH The Secret Keeps Itself!)

Thanks To The Amazing Surfers // Teachers // Mechanics // Bike Techs // Homeopaths // NAturopaths // Massage Therapists // Chiropractors // Yoga Schools // Health Food Stores // Grocery  Places // Thanks To The Sea Shells And Sand And Bars And Golfers And Plantations And To All Our Tourists We So Cherish !! Thanks To The Cart Drivers // Models // Singers // Bands // Churches // Love Beings // Fams & All The Service Ppl I’ve Personally Worked With One On One >>

Aurora Is Coming Back With A Kick And This Time Is It ~

Thanks To All Our Fab Restaurants, Beach Shacks, Bike TRails, Alligators, Dolphins, Sharks, Monarch Butterflies; Carolina Girls #1 Global ;), Trees …

All Love Atoms And PArticules Vibing High, And Thanks To All www.lovedima.com ‘s Associates Bringing On Everything That We Worked On And Beyond Into Manifest Form ~ Are You Ready To PArty ?!

See You All In Highest Levels Of Joy And YES ~ The Victory Is Ours !
You Are My HEart!

We’re About To Bring It On In A Big Way Thanks For The Jac On Location And The Rest Of The Goodies Coming Our Way Including My Perfect Pink Truck With Rainbow Swirl Aurora In-crusted ~



Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER