RainbowAurora ~ CoolestEnergiesInCreation!!!

I’m At All The Parties Possibly Being Thrown On A Tuesday Global. YUP My Multi-Dimensional Multi-Locational Abilities HAve Me Dancing On All Bars Simultaneous Tonight. Behind D.J Booths. So High It’s Unbelievable. Energies Are So Lovely ~ Strawberries In My Vodka. Lotsa Ice. Whipped Creme For The Fk Of IT. Champagne Supernovas Splashin’ Past 3:00 a.m ~ Change Of Outfits Frequent // Check . DJ Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora Poppin’ Tunes. It’s THe Intergalactic Party We’ve Planned Since That First Moment We Both Looked Into Each Other And Lit Up The World/ HOT-DAMN