RainbowAurora ~ Courage&Harmony


YES! To All Earth Angels Bringing On Heaven Energies.

YES! To Divine Fems Who For Years Sacrificed Their Bodies And ‘Reputations’ In Order To Move The Rest Of The Turtles On The Path.

THANK YOU. To Each Divine Feminine Away From Her Mother-Land In Service To Humanity Wherever. In Dire Conditions Taking It All With A GRain Of Salf.

I Tip My Hat And Bow To Each of You .

Feeling So Apologetic For All The Divine Fems Who HAve Been Mocked. Screwed, Raped, Diminished And Hated On Curtsy Of Being So Advanced And Considered A Threat To Communities. Sorry For Every Being Who Got Their Heart Broken And Run All OVer.

Your True Love Is Out There For You. Keep On Manifesting Super-Brilliance ~ I Gave Up My Preppy Crown Years Ago And Stood By All The Simpletons ~ I Am Honored And Grateful To HAve Been Courageous Enough To Break Out Of My Own PRogramming And Elite Conditioning.

So Grateful To Have Scrubbed Floors. Been A Waitress. A Hostess. A Deli-Worker. And All The Rest I’ve Had To Put Up With And Put On In Order To Still Remain In The Land Of The FRee.

Humility Is An Amazing Experience. Meta-Morphism Is A SKill. Total Tolerance And Sleepless Foodless Months HAve Been My Greatest Pleasure To Navigate.

Love Allways! xoxo