RainbowAurora ~ 420 > Devil&GodASOne

It’s On ~ Marylin Monroe Meet Uma Thurman Onwards And Upwards For The “Hot Blond Earth Angels” That Are Reclaiming Their Power. Waking Up Humanity Thanks TO Our Appearance. We Are Rocking The Fucking Globe And Yet.. Thanks To The Fucking Astounding Brunettes Starting Up Mission Houses In The Most Random Places In The Midst Of Hurricane MotherFucker.

Love To Connect With Your Power As You FANTASTICALLY Shout Out The Roof Tops ~ I Am DONE With Manipulators; Masculines! Connecting In ^Minus The Mask^ Smiling Like A Heart Happy Baby. Surrounding Yourselves With The Givers. The Masculines That Are Men Enough To GIVE IT TO YOU ON A GOLDEN PLATTER.

Are You Man Enough? Are You Confident? You Don’t Fool Her. You Put Her Up On The Throne She Deserves. Any Man Breaking You Down, Trying To Get You To Drive To Them Calling Themselves Your Twin When You Know They Drove 150 Hours To Get To Their Non-Twin .. That’s Power Addiction And Not True Love. No Thanks To Masculines That Are Ingrate Enough To Choose Power Addiction Over True Pure Love.

Anything That Is Not True Love Please Rise Above Fast. You Honestly Don’t Need To Go Through The Motions And The Lessons. Men Showed Us More Than Once Where We Don’t Love Ourselves Enough. We ARe Vibrating High Enough Now To Claim Our Queen-ship.

Stay Grateful For the Suffering, The Tears, The Pain, The Lessons. The Misplaced Affections. You Are All Amazing We Thank You And Let You Go.

Love Yourself More. Is The Key.

Love Yourself So Totally And Be Your Own Favorite Flavah. Any Part OF You Untamed Is Going To Attract Real Quick A Divine Mirror To Show U Exactly What You Must Heal In Yourself.

We Are There. Queens. Thanks For The Inspiration To No Longer Waste One’s Time.

AA666 ~ Mission Uniting Heaven And EArth 96% KOMPLETE > > > > >

GRazie Mille A Tutti