RainbowAurora ~ YouAreADiamond

Beloved Ones .

Always And In Everything You Put You First. Nothing Is Ever About Whatever You Mean To Someone Else OR To The World In General. You Know You. You Got YOu. You Love You. You Stay You. You May Share You. Always Remember You Come First. Sacrifices Are Totally Unnecessary. Comparison Only Indicate Childish Behavior. Projecting Your Jealousy On Someone Outside Yourself Won’t Fly! If You Find Yourself In A Position You Don’t Enjoy It’s Up To You To Vibrate At A Different Frequency To Get Out Of That Spot. Self-Flagellation And Complaining And Playing Victim Isn’t Advancing Anyone On Their Journey. We Are All On A Journey Back Home Into Love. No One Outside Yourself Has Your Own Keys. If By 70 You Still Don’t Get It And Want To Play 33 Lost In Translation Make Believe Boohoo Pre-madonna Cry-Baby Games, Please Go Into Meditation And Kindly Stop Inundating The Inbox Of Beings Who Really Have Zero Interest In Watching A Sad Victim Make Believe He Should Have It Special. Be Accountable And Lead By Example Or Bug Off.

When You Are Aligned With Your Highest Truth And Honesty, You Generally Don’t Stumble And Go Astray. It’s Only When You Are Not 100% Honest About Who You ARe And What You Are Able To Offer That You Stumble By Putting On A False Facade That Will Attract Someone Who You Will Call Fake Curtsy Of You Not Having Done Your Own Inner Work. Life Is Alive Inside And Out And Even Flowers Know What Is Going On So Playing A Game Is Not Getting You Too FAr.

I Am Archea Rainbow Aurora Here To Co-Create And Unite Heaven And Earth. I Have Worked Diligently Since Birth Prepping The Grounds For Manifesting Dreams Of True Love Come True For All In Creation. I Am Far Ahead Of The Curve And Have Been Waiting At The Finish Line For Too Long. Every-time Someone Says They ARe At The Finish Line I Take That Opportunity To Give That Partnership A Shot. The Fact That It Turns Out Otherwise Is Something I No Longer Allow To Get To Me. I Am Deception’s Best Friend By Now And Appreciate Those Episodes Knowing That The Comeuppance Will Only Feel That Much More Natural And Better Once Reached.

Nature Abhors A Vacuum. That’s Different Than Activating The Galactic Vacuum Sucking In Everything That No Longer Needs To Be Manifest Or Allowed On Planet Earth=Heart Into the Void to Never Return Again After The Age Of Minus Zero. We Have Been Playing Out This Serenade For Far Too Long By Now. It’s Time For Major Imminent Growth. Time Is Not On Our Side To Be Honest and Validating 3D At The Expense Of Dreams Of True Love Come True Is Wrong Action.

Keep Pushing the Envelope. Please Don’t Get Into Conflict And By Now Even Verbal Communication Is Unnecessary. It Is What It Is. Most Likely It Won’t Change Cos Words About Words Ain’t The Same As Action Speaks Louder.

When You Are For Real And You Show Up And Deliver Even After You Were Let Down When You Were In Similar Circumstances. Know It’s Not You. And Move On. No Hard Feelings. Cheers And Stay Real. Stay The Best. You Are A Rock-Star. Shine On And Let’s Meet Soon.

I Am Your Best Friend And Greatest Fan For Ever And For Always. Least I Can Say Is I Am Grateful For The Collective Efforts On The Medusa Case. Things Are Way Less Severe Than Since Forever. The Darkness Has Been Majorly Dispelled. No Woman Is To Be Put Besides First Place And That Is About To Hit The GRids As Mother Of New Creation Takes That Step And Claims Back Her Crown. No One Can Dethrone The Queen No Matter Who They Are And How Many Minions They Have Tamed To Perform That TAsk!

xoxo Aurora Diamond Rainbow