RainbowAurora ~ Post-Eclipse Rehearter

Beloved Co-Creators!

Greetings In The Highest Here’s A Quick Message To All ~ Regarding Dissolving All Atlantean And Lemurian Time-Lines Imminently As The Eclipse Had Some Contracts Dissolved And New Ones Operational.

Angels Came In The Field Urging To Put This Message Out! Thanks For Your Mass Efforts At Maintaining Balanced HArmonix During These Monumental End Days. Remember To Keep Your Seat-Belts Off And Put Yo Hands Up In The Air ~~

Wavem Round Like You Juss Don’t Care! It’s time EveryOne And You Know You Are On The TRain Doesn’t MAtter IF You Are Row1 Or Row Infinity We All Meet At Infinity Either Way!

Check In For Major Surprises Coming Your Way As We Fast Approach The End Of August And Mercury Turning Forward With All The Amounts Of Manifest Actions Taken By Then ; Most Importantly Stay Sharp As You Go Higher As The Wiggle Room Allowed Is Lessened.

Get Used To The Idea Of Living 2 As One As This Is Fast Approaching.

Get Used To The Idea Of Light Cities As This Is The Next Step.

Commence The Planning For The Upcoming Crystal Schools And Life-Style .

Are You In ?!?

Whooop Whoop! Meet Us Top Of Zion ! We Be Paragliding .