ARcheaRainbowAurora ~ ThatDivineMasculine

The Heart Expanding Today As More News Of Bubbles Being Popped In Creation Come To Surface As All The Illusion Is Being Chocked Out Of The Way In Order For New Creation To See The Light! We Thank The Divine Masculine’s Eternal Sword Of Truth For Standing In Glory In Love ~

On the Topic Of That Masculine Divine All The Rainbow Angels Keep Showing Me Is How He Shows Up Out OF The Wood-Work Generally At The Spring Of A Divine Fem And Participates In Her Awakening As She Does In his. The Tighter The Dance Gets And Higher We Rise, The Faster We Receive That Reflection Soon As We Step Away FRom Our Rainbow Light.

Divine Fems May Be On Fire Within With A Torch Lit Super Amped Up From Years Of Burning Within Relentlessly. 06:06 ~ A True Twin Will Recognize What’s Your Fire From What’s Something You Borrowed Or That Super-Imposed Itself On You. A True Twin Will Kill The False Before They Are Able To Approach Your Pure Flame.


As The Super-Imposing Flames Die, One’s True Holy Flame Pops Back Out And Is ABle To Light Up Creation And Color IT Rainbow~!

Thanking Divine Masculines For Their Brilliance At Strategizing Mother Gaia’s Total Graduation From All Super Imposed Programs From All Sorts Of Artificial Intelligence Systems. Thanks For Allowing Me A New Chance. I Am Worthy Of Your Joy And I Deserve Love Everywhere PResent.


Love You With My Truth ! ~