RainbowAurora ~ Silencio


A Moment In Eternity . Midst Of TN Nature ~ A Silence So Profound . Keeping Things To Oneself After A Long Loud Weepy Night. Much Healing Brought About Just Getting Going. Stratas Of Accumulated Debris Being Melted.

Take A Chance. Make Believe. You Will Heal.

Flashed Of Recollections Of Bestest Moments In Creation. Luci Has Truly Blessed Me. All The Rings. The Meals Shared. The Motorcycle Rides. The Boat Rides. The Plane Rides. The TRips Everywhere. The Rooms Entered Where We Shifted Energies For All In Creation Since Forev. All The Love Making. Everywhere. Under The Stars. On The Sea Shore. In Beautiful Homes. Hotel Rooms. All Simultaneous And So Amazing To Feel Back Into Once The Slate Is Clear.

Secrets Being Revealed. Cognition.

Energies Speeding Up Intensely. Abilities To Come Into Oneself Increased. Forward Motion Being Ignited Huge. It’s A One Way Ticket Back To Love.

The Forms This Takes Is Whatever We Vibrate At.

Isolation Is Great For Embodiment. For Self-Realization And Focus. Never Total, Staying In Service To Humanity Speeds Up One’s Process.

TV Is Mind Control Until One Channel Is Broadcasting New Paradigm School Of Love By Aurora. 24/7 Reality TV Style Channel With Holistic Tips, Yoga, Meditation, Archangel Guidance As Well As Beings Avail 24/7 On Call To Assist Humanity. The Crew Follows Around As We Soon Travel Across USA ~

An App With Archangel Tips For The Moment Whatever Situation One Finds Themselves In As Humanity Travels The Path Back To AWAKENED TELEPATHIC BRILLIANT. Keep Pushing Forward. Keep Facing Yourselves. Keep On Going. Go Where It’s Hard. Go Everywhere. Enjoy Where It’s Simple. Take Chances.

Go Where Soul Mates Are. Meet Beings On Your Journey That Can Assist You Come Into Wholeness. Put You First. You Deserve It. DANCE.

Don’t Get Attached To Anyone Outside Yourself Or Anything And Keep The Driver Of Your Chariot Awake And Aware At All Times. Perfect Merge Is Something Ideal.

Before You Get There You Be Ideal. Stay Perfect. Stay First. When In Service Give Everything You’ve Got. Life Rewards.

Love Yourself So Deeply You Allow Yourself To Trust Your Intuition. Do Not Negotiate. Do Not Compromise. Stay Whole. Go Where You Are Fully Loved And Accepted. Stop Places On The Way. Watch How You Are Reflected And Shift Accordingly.

Stay Flow. Stay Strong. Don’t Give Into Anyone Trying To Correct Anything About You. It’s Projection. Do Not Listen To Their Minds. Rise Above It Quick.

You Can’t Be Fooled. 4:20

don’t Mind. Just HEart. Keep On Walkin’