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Greetings Love Beings! Happy 8-22-2017 Post-Eclipse Lullaby ~

Angels Bickering Since My Morning Shower (Followed By Captain Lincoln The Woof Pup’s Shower With Doctor Bronner’s Lavender Castile Soap ~ YUM!!) Urging Me To Sum Up This Final Part Of My Awakening Journey As We Are Moving Forward At A Fascinating Speed Towards New Story Manifestation.


During The Month Of January As I Was Going Through Major Purging And Releasing And Breaking Free From Old Spells And Karma, They (The Universe) Showed Me In A Dream A Document On Which The Area Mount-Shasta Was Highlighted.


******I Am Grateful For Mother Mary’s Assistance Including Written Communications With Precious Guidance During The First Three Months Of 2017, As Well As Very Grateful To My Nearest And Dearest FCGCT//RainbowAngel Sessions Whom Allowed Me To Keep Assisting-Them/Assist-Me As I Transitioned .*********


On March 7 2017 I Was Presented With A Sheet Of Paper On Which Were Written The Words: “Aurora Mother Of New Creation”, That Had A Signature Space Below On An Empty Line Which I Signed “Dima”. I Immediately Activated All Contacts And Allies Whom I Felt Were Concerned And Could Have Guidance Regarding My Course Of Action At That Point In Time; (222) That Same Day I Was Put In Meditation And During A Nap That Afternoon, Shown A Dream In Which I Was Told That Father Was Going To Come Home Into The Light With Me, And That Silently Implied Shasta As A Destination In the Dream, Even Though On The Physical I Got A Special Communique That Indicated Another Location For New Story Co-Creative God-Head Ashram Temple Of Worship Of The Holy Sacred Fire Linking-Up Mother Gaia-Aurora’s Heart To Her Beloved Morning-Star ~


((Here’s A Detail Never Mentioned Before; The Next Morning Of My Contract Signing I Was Woken Up With The Words :”I Love You” Flashing On My Bedroom Wall In Blue. Thanks Father Of All Creation You Are My Dream Come True.



Now And After Months Of Being Asked Personally By Angels To Stay On The Island And Assist Them Transition, And After This Mission Was Most Successfully Accomplished, Angels Led Me To A Retreat-Like Mountainous Area In Tennessee And Are Asking Me To Take A Chill Pill And Release Control As I Surrender Back Into Allowing Masculine Energy In My Physical Experience.


Thanking Each And Every Love-Rainbow-Diamond Angel Who Assisted Me In Atlantis With My Mission Of Uniting Heaven And Earth That I Personally Stated To 2 Renegade Hearts Who Picked Me Up At The Airport in 2014. Thanks To All Hearts In Atlantis For Allowing Me To Release My Light In Your Midst Since 2009. Thanks To All Of You; You Are Dazzling Bright ! Thanks For Trusting Me With Your Hearts, Homes, Families, Secrets, Confessions, Bodies, Spirits, Souls, Lives And Sharing Your All With Me!!


Several Paths Are Opening Up On The Physical! Yipppeeeee! May The Highest Outcome For All In Humanity Come About ~ All Roads Do Lead To Rome, But Narrow Is The Gate That Leads To Heaven Immortality Bliss Eternal While In A Body ~


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Peace And Love To All In Creation ~

>>>>>>>>>>>>Thankful For My Courage To Choose To Transmute Some Of The Darkest Masculines Ever-Present On This Journey!! ~ How Else Do I Reclaim My Full Power In Sacred Union With My Divine Masculine While Healing Us Both And All In Creation Back Into Child-like Laughter Garden Of Eden Eternal !

*****~~~Cherry On Top For You Dear Reader!~~~******


Happy Healing As The Last Tid-Bits Of Divine Masculine Unconsciousness Are Being Out-shined WOW So Grateful To Be In Service!